Here is how to fix Valorant error 59.


How to Fix Valorant Error 59

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Valorant may run into some bugs or errors while trying to run.
Here is how to fix Valorant error 59.

Valorant, like any live service game, can suffer from bugs and errors, especially after a new update gets rolled out. Most of these bugs can be resolved quickly, however, some of these errors might be confusing, especially if they don’t really tell you what the issue is. Valorant error 59 is fortunately one of those errors that has an easy enough solution. This is how you can fix Valorant error 59. 

How to fix Valorant error 59

Players may face Valorant error 59 when trying to launch or login to the game. You get an error with a message saying, “There was an error connecting to the platform. Please restart your game client. Error Code 59.”  If you run into this error 59 in Valorant, restart the game and in most cases it should solve the problem. You can restart Valorant by clicking the ‘Quit Game’ button on the screen or pressing ALT+F4. 

While this solves Valorant error 59 in most cases, you may need to restart your system entirely. If this also doesn’t solve your issue, the next option is a bit more taxing. Try to uninstall Riot Vanguard and reinstall it. Sometimes, issues with Vanguard can prevent you from logging in properly into the game. You may also consider reinstalling Valorant entirely if none of these solutions work to solve the error. Also make sure to check for any Support Site banners, incase there is some issue with Valorant from Riot’s side.

You can also submit a ticket to Riot Support to resolve the error. 

How to Create A Valorant Ticket

  • Head to the official Riot Games Support website by clicking here

Riot support will help you resolve Valorant error 59 if all else fails.
  • You can check the self-help section if you are facing a common issue.

  • Scroll down and click on “Can’t find what you’re looking for? Submit A Ticket”.

  • Choose a request type that suits you.

  • You will get a prompt saying “You must be logged in before you can submit this type of ticket” if you are not logged in. 

  • Click on Sign-in.

  • Once you are signed in, enter the subject.

  • Choose your enquiry. 

  • In the description box, enter all the necessary information.

  • Attach any supporting images or documents in the attachments. section. 

  • Click on Submit.

Once you’re done with this you’ll receive an email that will look like the following:

Thanks for contacting our Player Support Team! We received your request (TICKET NUMBER)

Looks like a response will take a little longer than normal due to a high volume of requests, sit tight and one of our specialists will answer you as soon as they can. Try not to bump your ticket unless you have additional information that we could use to help you since bumping your ticket repeatedly will increase your wait time.

If you were logged in to the support site when creating your ticket you can use the following link below to be taken directly to it. 

You can use the link in your email to monitor any responses that you receive after you create a Valorant ticket. Alternatively, you can check your email notifications and wait for a response. Depending on your request it may take time to resolve issues. 

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