Here is how to fix the Discord yellow border issue.


How to Fix the Discord Yellow Border Issue

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Discord fans are facing issues with a yellow border appearing on the app.
Here is how to fix the Discord yellow border issue.

Discord users are puzzled about a yellow border that’s showing up on the application. While it doesn’t hurt functionality, some users are irked by it. The issue seems to be occurring for users who have recently updated their Discord app or are using an older version of Windows. It also sometimes occurs when users try to capture on Discord. Here is how to fix the Discord yellow border issue. 

How to fix Discord yellow border issue 

Here are some of the things you can do to fix the Discord yellow border issue. Close all third-party applications and restart Discord. You can also try updating Discord to the latest version. If an update is ready, you’ll see a green icon on the top right of your Discord application, next to the search bar.

Look for this icon to download an update.

If the issue doesn’t go away, check your Windows updater to see if there are any downloads pending. If yes, update your Windows to the latest version. This should fix the yellow border issue for Discord. For Windows 11 users, Reddit user ‘_Yazeed’ found a fix within the Privacy & Security settings of the new operating system update.

For Windows 11 users, toggle this setting to fix the yellow border issue for Discord.

You’ll need to enable the ‘Let apps turn off screenshot border” settings and include Discord under “Let desktop apps turn off screenshot border” as an exception. 

Discord developer ReallyAmused took to Reddit talking about the issue a few months ago, “We are using a new form of graphics capture. However, on older versions of windows (windows 10) specifically, this graphics capture interface would make the window being captured having a yellow border. On windows 11, it does not have the yellow border. We had a bug in the code that was not detecting this appropriately.” They eventually rolled back the capture interface to fix the bug. Despite the fix, the issue resurfaced in the latest update of Discord.

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