How to Fix Street Fighter 6 Error Code Aw-20001

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here is how to fix&nbsp;Street Fighter 6 Error Code Aw-20001.</p></div>
Here is how to fix&nbsp;Street Fighter 6 Error Code Aw-20001.


Street Fighter 6 will soon enter open beta.
Players who have pre-downloaded the game are facing a unique error code.
Here is how to fix Street Fighter 6 Error Code Aw-20001.

Street Fighter 6 has already gone through closed beta testing and will start an open beta test soon. Players can register for the Street Fighter 6 open beta with a Capcom ID. You can also download the game before the test with Capcom enabling pre-downloads on 16th May. Steam users can also pre-download the game now but will need to link their Capcom ID to access the game. Players who have tried to access Street Fighter 6 are facing error code AW-20001. Here is how to fix the error. 

Street Fighter 6 Error Code Aw-20001

The Street Fighter 6 beta begins on 19th May at 12 am PDT / 12:30 pm IST / 3 pm SGT and ends on 22nd May at 12 am PDT / 12:30 pm IST / 3 pm SGT. Players who try to access the game before the beta goes live will not be able to play the game even if they link their Steam and Capcom ID. You will see an error message that reads, “A communication error has occurred. Error code: Aw-20001”. You will not be able to play the game until 19th May. If you try accessing any of the three game modes; World Tour, Battle Hub and Fighting Ground, you’ll encounter this error message. You will get this communication error code regardless of which platform you try using to access the game. After the open beta officially begins, you will no longer see error code Aw-20001.

Until the open beta for Street Fighter 6 begins, you will only be able to access the demo and play the game through that. The demo will give you access to the Tutorial, characters like Luke and Ryu, their moves in the Character Guide and limited access to the World Tour. You’ll be able to create your customized avatar which can be later transferred to the full game on the same platform once it releases. 

The game will be released on 2nd June 2023. The Standard Edition of the game will include the full game as well as any pre-order bonuses. It is priced at $59.99 USD for both a digital or physical copy. SF6 includes crossplay and will be available for the PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Unfortunately, while the closed beta was not available for the PS4, when the game releases it will be available for the console. It is still unknown if crossplay is enabled by default or if players can tweak those settings. Also, Capcom is yet to comment on how it plans to balance the competitive modes like ranked with crossplay enabled.

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