Players report randomly encountering error 5C in League of Legends. 


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How To Fix League Of Legends Error 5C “Trouble Fetching Information” Bug

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Players encountering error 5C cannot join game queues for both Summoner's Rift and ARAM.
Despite what the error message says, restarting the client doesn't seem to work for players.

League of Legends players may end up facing Error: 5C (trouble fetching information) sometimes which doesn’t let them join game queues. The error message reads “trouble fetching information for (player name). Affected players should quit and log back in if this persists. (5C)”. However, players report encountering the issue even after restarting their client. However, some Reddit users have found that restarting their router resolves the issue. This bug isn’t limited to any particular region and Riot support currently has no official solution for error 5C. Here are some other ways you can use to fix Error: 5C.

League of Legends Solving Error 5C: Trouble Fetching Information bug

There are several possible solutions to the “trouble fetching information” error in League of Legends. Restarting your internet router seems to work for some players. Alternatively logging in from another account and then logging back from your original ID works for others. Using a hotspot from your mobile device and logging on to the client is another possible solution. If all else fails, players can try using the Hextech Repair Tool to fix the issue. This will most likely solve the bug.

Download the tool from the official Riot support page. This tool is available for both Windows and Mac. Alomg with Error 5C, this tool is great for easy reinstallation or repatches, Firewall management and displays known issues in your region.

If you’re still facing League of Legends error 5C, raise a ticket via League of Legends Support detailing your issues and the solutions you tried with the repair tool. To help Riot support better understand the issue, check the ‘Gather System & LoL Logs’ box in the Hextech Repair Tool and attach the .zip folder created by the tool in your ticket.

Use Hextech Repair Tool to solve the League of Legends Error 5C “Trouble Fetching Information” Bug.

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