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How to Fix Code 2737 Error in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends Code 2737 Error is caused by picking up the L-Star or Bocek Bow on any map.
The error seems to be server-side and there is no fix available just yet but you can work around the bug.
Reloading the game after crashing or picking up the bugged weapons via Loba's shop are workarounds that seem to be working for players.

Ever since the Apex Legends Raiders Collection patch, players have been experiencing the code 2737 error. There are some players who have recorded instances of the error and it looks like it can occur when using specific weapons in any of the three maps. The bug can even be recreated in the Training Range, where the game will shut down the instance and kick you to the main menu. Here is a rundown on when the error occurs and how you can avoid it.

Fix Apex Legends' Code 2737 Error

Picking up the L-Star or Bocek Bow and the respective ammo for the weapons crashes the game. While it might be the most ridiculous sounding bug of all time, it is unfortunately what is causing the issue. If you have a fast PC and can get back into the game, you should be able to rejoin just fine and play out the game normally. But dropping the L-Star or Bocek Bow and picking it up again can cause a subsequent crash.

It is recommended to simply not use the two weapons until Respawn issues a hotfix for the issue. Some community members revealed that the Code 2737 error in Apex Legends is a server-side issue and there is nothing players can do to prevent the issue from occurring except for maybe not use the affected weapons.

The only thing common between both weapons is that they are picked up with zero ammo by default which may have something to do with why the bug is occurring. Since it is causing gameplay disruption, Respawn should hopefully issue a bugfix soon.

Workarounds for Apex Legends' Code 2737 Error

If you really want to use the Boceck Compound Bow or L-Star despite the issues, here’s what you can do:

  1. Avoid picking up the L-Star or Bocek Bow in unsafe situations

  2. Pick up the weapon and some ammo as quickly as possible

  3. Let Apex Legends crash with the code 2737 error

  4. Re-launch the game as quickly as possible to avoid getting kicked

Alternatively, you can also play Loba and use her ultimate ability “Black Market” to grab any weapon you want along with its respective ammo and it should not crash the game.

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