How to Fix Apex Legends: Season 20 Breakout's No Servers Found Error

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How to Fix Apex Legends: Season 20 Breakout's No Servers Found Error


Apex Legends' no servers error has become a common occurence on Steam and is caused by Steam's update which causes the game to sometimes not work anymore.
The issue can be resolved by temporarily reinstalling the game via Origin or waiting for EA's hotfixes.
If the issue is not isolated to Steam, you can port forward and possibly fix the issue.

The Apex Legends no servers found error is caused by server outages most of the time. However, in Season 20: Breakout the error has become more frequent for Steam users. If you are facing the Apex Legends no servers found error only on Steam, it can be fixed by temporarily switching to Origin. Before trying any solutions you can check EA Help’s official Twitter or contact EA's support site to find out if there are any ongoing server issues. If you are facing the Apex Legends no servers found issue on Steam, here is how you can fix it by installing the game via Origin.

How to Fix Apex Legends No Servers Found Error: 

Install via Origin

If the issue is isolated to Steam only, you can install the game via Origin and play on the same ID without losing any progress. Here is how to fix the Apex Legends no servers found error on Steam: 

  1. Download Origin

  2. Launch the OriginThinSetup file and follow the on-screen instructions 

  3. Search for Apex Legends on Origin 

  4. Click on Install

  5. Choose the Drive you want to install the game into 

  6. Wait for the installation to complete

  7. Launch the game

Port Forwarding

Your internet provider assigns one IP address to your internet connection, and every computer connected to the internet needs one such IP address. “Ports” are used to help computers communicate with each other. In our case, it is Apex Legends’ servers and your computer that need to connect with each other. Some computers block certain ports, and by unlocking the ones specific to EA/Apex, you can resolve connectivity issues. Port forwarding in Apex Legends is safe as long as you only use official ports. 

Here are the port numbers that you need to forward if you are facing the Apex Legends servers not found error. You can refer to the official EA help page linked here to check the updated list of ports for each platform at any time. 


80, 443, 9960-9969, 1024-1124, 3216, 18000, 18120, 18060, 27900, 28910, 29900


1024-1124, 18000, 29900, 37000-40000

Here are the steps to port forward in Apex Legends: 

Port Forwarding

AFK Gaming

  • Navigate to Control Panel, System and Security, and Windows Firewall.

  • Select Advanced settings and highlight Inbound Rules in the left pane.

Port Forwarding

AFK Gaming

  • Right-click Inbound Rules and select New Rule.

  • Add the port you need to open and click Next.

  • Add the protocol (TCP or UDP) and the port number into the next window and click Next.

  • Select Allow the connection in the next window and hit Next.

If the solutions do not help with Apex Legends’ servers not found error, contact EA Help for assistance. 

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