How to Fix Apex Legends Season 20’s Error Processing Game Logic Error


How to Fix Apex Legends Season 20’s Error Processing Game Logic Error

Abhimannu Das
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Apex Legends Season 20’s launch is plagued by the Error Processing Game Logic error code.
Until a fix is deployed, you will need to restart your game to get back into an ongoing match every time the error occurs.

Apex Legends is no stranger to bugs and with the release of Season 20, we can expect a new suite of game-breaking issues to follow. To no one’s surprise, we have yet another issue that keeps kicking players out of the game, forcing them to restart. The “Error Processing Game Logic” error has made a return after being fixed in the past and it is making players lose their minds. If you are constantly facing the error and are unable to play, here’s what you need to do.

How to fix the ‘error processing game logic’ error in Apex Legends 

Before you try unique troubleshooting steps for your Apex Legends’ error processing game logic error, check the servers for outages. A few seasons ago, the error code was caused by players interacting with a Replicator. We don’t know what the source of the error is this time around but a quick restart should help you get back into the game easily. 

The game’s servers are also facing issues at the time of writing so expect the issues to stop after Respawn Entertainment deploys a hotfix. If you continue to face the error repeatedly, here are some other fixes that you can try on PC: 

For Nvidia Graphics cards 

  1. Make sure you've downloaded the latest drivers for your card and the NVIDIA Control Panel.

  2. Right-click any free area of your Desktop, and select NVIDIA Control Panel.

  3. In the left column of the NVIDIA Control Panel, click on 3D Settings, then Manage 3D Settings.

  4. Click the Program Settings tab, then the Add button.

  5. Using Windows Explorer, browse to the program file (*.exe) of the game you want to make a profile for.

  • For example: To add a profile for Sims 4, you'd find the folder for The Sims 4 on your computer, then select TS4.exe or TS4_x64.

  1. Click Add Selected Program, then find Power management mode in the pull-down menu, and set it to Prefer maximum performance.

For AMD graphics cards 

  1. Make sure you've downloaded and installed the latest drivers for your card and the latest version of AMD Crimson Radeon Software.

  2. Right-click any free area of your Desktop and select AMD Radeon Settings.

  3. When the Radeon window opens, click the Gaming tab.

  4. Choose Global Settings.

  5. Set Power Efficiency to Off.

    • This means your system will always use the dedicated graphics card, so you’ll see increased power usage on a laptop. You can always toggle this back to On once you’re done playing.

  6. Find out more about creating graphics profiles for your games on the AMD website.

Turn off overclocking 

Overclocking means using software to turn up the speed of your processor (either your main processor or your GPU). Many modern graphics cards are already factory overclocked, which means they’ve already been set to run faster than their base speed but within safe limits.

Increasing the speed more (using special software or tweaks like those in Radeon settings for AMD cards) can lead to overheating and other stability problems. Setting your clock speed back to the factory default is an important first step in figuring out problems.

If your system runs better at default clock speeds, then your problems may have been caused by your overclocking settings. Hopefully, these fixes resolve the game logic error for Apex Legends.

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