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How to Finish the Bad Rep Evidence Quest in Escape From Tarkov

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The Bad Rep Evidence quest in Escape from Tarkov is given by Prapor and can be completed fairly quickly to gain +4,100 EXP and 35,000 Roubles.
To complete the quest, the player must go to the Customs map and search the bunkhouses to find the documents, which are located in the right room of the upper cabin in a pair of bunkhouses stacked on top of each other.
Upon completing the quest, the player will earn experience points, money, and a submachine gun as a reward.

In Escape from Tarkov, the Bad Rep Evidence quest is given by Prapor with the potential to gain +4,100 EXP, 35,000 Roubles and various items upon completion. The player must search the bunkhouses on Customs to find the folder and bring it to the quest giver. This quest is only available to players who are at least level 6 and completing it will earn them experience points, money, and a submachine gun as a reward.

Completing this quest will also increase the player's reputation with Prapor and move to higher Loyalty Levels which in turn enables the purchase of higher tier Post-Soviet Bloc weapons, Ammunition, Grenades, Magazines, and Weapon Modifications from him.

How to Finish the Bad Rep Evidence Quest

1. First off, to pick up the item, you need to obtain the “Portable Bunkhouse Key.” This can be found in Jackets or Pockets and bags of Scavs. 

There is a hard spawn for The Portable Bunkhouse Key at Factory. It can be found on the ground, under a jacket, in the locked room next to the office on the Factory map. However, the player will need to have a Factory emergency exit key in order to access this room. Unfortunately, the Portable Bunkhouse Key has a low spawn chance when found in this location, making it an unreliable method for obtaining the key.

Locked Room Location in Tarkov

2. Players must then go to the Bunker house on the Customs map. The Bunker house is located near the center of the Customs map, south of the dormitories in the construction zone.

Bunker house location in Customs

Escape from Tarkov

3. Upon arriving at the location, the player will find two cabins stacked on top of each other, with a staircase leading up to the second cabin. Use The Portable Bunkhouse Key to enter the cabin.

4. Inside the upper cabin, the player will find two rooms. The documents for the quest can be found in the right room, on a table. To complete the quest, the player needs to retrieve the documents and then survive and extract.

Do note that if the player happens to die after they’ve picked up the item, they need to come back to raid again and pick up the item once again since they have to survive and extract to finish the quest.

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