How to Find Rollers and Get Shells in Lego Fortnite?


How to Find Rollers and Get Shells in Lego Fortnite?

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Rollers are crab-like creatures that are predominantly found in grasslands.
Shells can be used for healing as well as making tools and upgrading your crafting bench.

The highly anticipated Lego Fortnite game mode has finally gone live and numerous players are excited to jump into its immersive sandbox world. The game has numerous survival elements present in it, with a special focus on crafting by gathering materials present in the environment. You will also encounter numerous foes, some of which will also drop crafting materials that can be used to make different items. One such item is the Shell which can be obtained from an enemy type called Rollers. Here’s how you can get it.

Acquiring Shells From Rollers in Lego Fortnite

Rollers are crab-like creatures that are typically found in grasslands or plains in Lego Fortnite. They are sneaky little creatures that blend in perfectly into rocks or even amongst flower beds and bushes. Although spotting them can be a bit difficult, they can usually be distinguished from the environment as they usually have green or yellow plants or flowers sprouting from their heads. 

Once they spot you, they will roll forward and charge you at full speed. Although they seem minuscule, they can be pretty frustrating to deal with as they can chip away at your health bar by a heart and a half, which is significant at the early-game stage.

Although you can dodge their attacks, it requires you to time your maneuvers carefully as their rolling attacks can be pretty tricky to get used to. Dodging right before impact is the key to dealing with Rollers. Thankfully, they also have a cooldown time which would be the perfect time to retaliate as they cannot block your attacks. Make sure you do not get cornered into barriers like trees or boulders and allow yourself some wiggle room.

Once you successfully defeat them, they will drop their shells as a reward which can be used for various purposes like weapon upgrades, health charms, etc. Eliminating a single roller will approximately grant you around 3-6 shells. They will be directly deposited into your inventory and you can always check their quantity from there.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about obtaining shells from rollers in Lego Fortnite. As mentioned above, shells have various use cases in the game. Although they can be good for healing, they are more useful when it comes to upgrading Crafting Benches, crafting tools like Forest Axes, or even making certain weapons.

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