Here is how to find every ore easily in Minecraft update 1.19.


How to Find Every Ore Easily in Minecraft Update 1.19

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Mining for ore is essential for almost everything you do in the game.
Here is how to find every ore easily in Minecraft update 1.19.

The world of Minecraft is divided into chunks which are generated as a set of blocks on an XYZ axis. Different ores spawn at different locations and heights. Minecraft’s latest update 1.19 brought some changes to the ore locations found underground. While the general location of the ores has stayed the same, there are differences in spawn heights for the ores. Let’s look at the changes made from Minecraft 1.18 and how to find every ore easily in Minecraft update 1.19.

Where to dig for ores in Minecraft Update 1.19

The generation of ores across each of these chunks is known as ore distribution in Minecraft. The ore distribution changes based on height, denoted by the Y coordinate in the game. The world reaches a height of 320 blocks with the lowest point at -64 blocks. Let’s look at where you will find every ore easily in update 1.19.

Use this to find every ore easily in Minecraft.


One of the most sought after ores in the game, diamonds can be found below Y=16. The deeper you dig from there, the higher the chance of finding it. Diamonds are most common at Y=-64. Although you’ll also find plenty of lava at this level so carry a bucket of water with you. 


Emeralds are quite rare in the game spawning between Y=-16 and Y=256. As you go higher, you’ll find more emerald ore so mountain biomes are a great place to mine these. You’ll need emeralds to trade with villagers in the game. You’ll find the highest amount of emerald ore at Y=224. 


Gold is also quite valuable in Minecraft. Gold ore can be found in abundance in the Badlands biome. For mining, you’ll find gold between Y=32 and Y=-64. The highest concentration of gold ore can be found at Y=-16

Lapis Lazuli

Mining Lapis Lazuli is essential for enchanting. It’s one of the rarest ores in the game and lies between Y=64 and Y=-64. You have the highest chance of finding it at Y=0


Copper ore can be found between Y=112 and Y=-16. The highest spawn rate occurs at Y = 48. You’ll also find it in abundance in the badlands and the dripstone caves biomes. 


Iron is a staple for all Minecraft players. The ore can be found in abundance the higher you go, look for this ore between Y=256 and Y=-32, especially in mountains. The highest amount generates at Y=16


Coal is essential for purifying the ores you mine into usable metal. You’ll find it between Y=256 and Y=0. You’ll find a lot of it at Y=90


You’ll find redstone ore between Y=-32 and Y=-64. Similar to diamonds, its concentration increases as you dig towards bedrock. 

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