How to Earn SLP in Axie Infinity


How to Earn SLP in Axie Infinity

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Players can earn SLP through the Arena Mode in Axie Infinity.
SLPs are in-game currency or tokens that can be used to breed more Axies or convert to real life currency.
The early access client of the Axie Infinity's Origin update currently does not allow players to earn tokens in-game.

Smooth Love Potion (SLP) is an in-game currency or token used in Axie Infinity, one of the most popular non-fungible token (NFT) games in the world. Players can earn this currency through Arena Mode and by climbing the ranked ladder. After the conclusion of a competitive season, players can also claim SLPs depending on their final placement. SLPs earned in Axie Infinity can be used to either breed Axies or converted to real-life currency through the Ronin Network. For now, players can only earn SLP in Axie Infinity Classic. The early access client of the Origin update currently does not allow players to earn tokens in-game.

SLP farming guide for Axie Infinity

There were originally three ways to earn SLP in Axie Infinity. However, the recent updates limited SLP rewards to only one game mode. Players can now only acquire SLP rewards through the Arena Mode.

The amount of SLP rewards earned through Axie Infinity’s Arena Mode varies on the player’s Matchmaking Rating (MMR). The higher a player's MMR, the more tokens they earn for each victory. It is advisable to raise your MMR to at least 2,500 to receive the maximum amount of rewards which is 14 SLP per victory.

Arena Mode Match Victory Preview

Each game in the Arena Mode consumes 1 energy, players can increase their maximum energy capacity and gain energy over time depending on how many Axies they own.

Without energy, players will not be able to earn any SLP even if they win a match in Arena Mode.

Climbing higher in rank rewards players with even more SLP, based on their ranking when the season officially ends. During Season 20, former DOTA 2 pro player Sivatheeban "1437" Sivanathapillai topped the season leaderboards.

According to the official blog post by Sky Mavis, the developers of the NFT game, the Number 1 player in Season 20 will earn 203,147 Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). AXS is also a token for the NFT game that can also be converted to real-life currency, similar to SLP.

For now, SLP earnings can only be acquired through Axie Infinity Classic. However, Sky Mavis does intend to transfer the SLP earnings to the Origin update once preparations are complete.

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