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How To Do An Air Dribble In Rocket League

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Air dribbles are some of the most coolest and advanced stunts you can pull off in Rocket League.
To practice air dribbles, first practice the wall touch and then the air carry.
Players can also add variations to outplay your opponents.

Air dribbles are some of the most mechanically challenging stunts you can pull off in Rocket League. It's a technique that involves touching the ball many times with your car while in the air and ‘carrying’ it across the pitch. While it looks hard at first, the individual elements of an air dribble aren’t too complicated when you break them down. Air dribbles are a fairly advanced technique so players should ideally get comfortable with the aerial first before practicing this. After you’ve mastered the basic mechanics, you can add variations to outplay the defender.

Step-by-Step Guide to Air Dribbles in Rocket League

There are two main elements to master when trying to attempt an air dribble. The wall touch and the air carry.

The Wall Touch

The first part of an off-the wall air dribble is to launch the ball in the air using the cage wall. Make sure the ball is lined up perfectly in front of your car.

  1. Dribble the ball towards the edge of the cage at a slight angle. However, make sure your ball isn’t at supersonic speed or else it will touch the top of the cage (which you don’t want).

  2. Before you go up the ramp, tap your brakes once to slow yourself down a little and create space between yourself and the ball.

  3. Wait for the ball to go up the ramp and then immediately increase your speed by boosting to hit the ball and bounce it off the cage wall.

The Air Carry

This is the second part of the technique where you actually dribble or carry the ball in the air.

  1. Once you're on the wall, jump off, boost and roll your car to be flat in the air.

  2. Push the ball towards the goal by lightly tapping the ball multiple times with the nose of your car at an angle.

  3. Add light boosts when needed to keep up with the speed of the ball and carry it through the air towards the goal.

Practice the wall touch and the air carry separately at first, then combine it to perform the air dribble. Air dribbles are hard to counter for your opponents. With enough practice, you will learn to adjust the trajectory of the ball while carrying it. Use that to avoid your opponent’s aerial interception.

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