Here is how to deal with Withers in Minecraft.


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How to Deal With Withers in Minecraft

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Withers are one of the two boss mobs in Minecraft.
A Wither can be crafted by players.
Here is how to deal with Withers in Minecraft.

Withers are a hostile mob that can only be created by the player character in Minecraft. They float around shooting explosive skulls at the player and other mobs. Withers are the only source of Nether Stars in Minecraft, which are used to create beacons. Here is all you need to know about how to make Withers and deal with them.

How to create a Wither in Minecraft

You’ll need to visit the Nether where you’ll need to collect the following:

  • 4 x Soul Sand

  • 3 x Wither Skeleton Skulls

Soul sand can be found in the nether wastes while Wither Skeleton Skulls can be obtained by killing Wither skeletons found in a nether fortress. Once you collect the required material, you can spawn them in an open space by placing soul sand and Wither skeleton skulls in a ‘T’ formation.

Place the soul sand and wither skeleton skulls in this formation to spawn a wither.

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Once the Wither spawns it will start flying around after a few seconds, shooting black wither skulls, attacking all mobs it notices. Note that a Wither can heal itself; it has a passive regeneration rate of 0.5 hearts every 1 second and gains 2.5 hearts when it lands a killing blow on a mob. The Wither is also immune to fire, lava, drowning damage, and freezing.

The wither spawns and glows blue before causing a giant explosion.

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How to deal with Withers in Minecraft

Successfully defeating a wither will require you to be prepared. This is the recommended item list you need to deal with withers:

  • Golden apples

  • Netherite armor with Protection IV

  • A sword with Smite

  • A bow and arrows

  • Dirt blocks

  • Potion of Healing II

  • Potion of Strength II

When you create a Wither, run away from it to avoid the initial explosion. When it is finished, walk back and start attacking it. Eat golden apples to stop the Wither effect. Netherite armor offers excellent protection against a wither. Kill it quickly by using a sword. While it has a shield after the initial spawn stage, you’ll have a few seconds to deal as much damage as possible during this stage. After that, take it out using a bow during the initial battle and when it is closer to the ground, strike it with a sword. Use the dirt blocks to quickly get yourself out of the crater the wither creates when shooting exploding skulls at you. Depending on your difficulty, the Wither will have the following health:

  • Easy - 35 Hearts

  • Normal - 68 Hearts

  • Hard - 102 Hearts

Note that once it reaches half-health, the wither gains a natural "wither armor", which makes it immune to damage from arrows and thrown tridents and causes it to fly at the same height as the target. The armor disappears if it regenerates above half health.

Once you defeat a wither, it will drop 50 XP and a Nether Star. A Nether Star is an essential ingredient in crafting a beacon in Minecraft.

Nether stars are essential components for crafting a beacon in Minecraft.

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