How to Deal With Shturman in Escape From Tarkov

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here is how to deal with Shturman in Escape From Tarkov.</p></div>
Here is how to deal with Shturman in Escape From Tarkov.


Shturman is a sniper scav boss who spawns in the Woods.
Here is how to deal with Shturman in Escape From Tarkov.

Shturman is one of the many Scav bosses found in Escape From Tarkov. He and his guards will engage you at long ranges. You’ll find him on Woods. Shturman needs to be killed once each for the quests The Huntsman Path - Woods Keeper and The Huntsman Path - Relentless, as well as once from 50 meters away with a M700 Sniper rifle for the quest Hunting Trip, and 20 times for the quest Hunter. Here is how to deal with Shturman in Escape From Tarkov.

Where does Shturman spawn in Escape From Tarkov

Shturman and his two guards have a 24% chance to spawn at the sawmill that is located right next to the big lake in the south on the Woods map. He is usually equipped with high caliber weaponry for sniping players from far away. He prefers using a SVDS 7.62x54 sniper rifle and a secondary AK-105 5.45x39mm. While Shturman usually doesn’t wear armor, here is the armor his followers wear:

Shturman's followers may spawn with any of these armor.

He may also spawn with the Red Rebel ice pick which you need for the "Cliff Descent" extraction on Reserve and "Mountain Pass" extraction on Lighthouse. 

Shturman’s stats are as follows:

  • Head: 62

  • Thorax: 160

  • Stomach: 150

  • Arms: 100 each

  • Legs: 110 each

  • Total: 792

How to deal with Shturman in Escape From Tarkov

Shturman will try to engage you from far away with his sniper weapons. He and his followers like to camouflage themselves or take cover where you cannot shoot at them. You can tell if Shturman is around as he will fire up to 5 warning shots with his SVD rifle before aiming for the player. If you hear his warning shots, throw a grenade or flashbang at him which will give away his location through audio cues, as they will react vocally. 

One of his followers will usually rush the player while Shturman and his other follower take shots. If you are confident in your sniping skills, one of the best ways to deal with Shturman in Escape From Tarkov is by engaging him by slow peaking him in a long range battle with a powerful scope. Most AI in the game will not react to you if you slow peak angles. Use a weapon that does more than 62 flesh damage to take out Shturman with an accurately placed headshot since neither he nor his guards wear helmets. Also carrying a number of flashbangs gives you a huge advantage in blinding or scaring him away. 

For less experienced players, close the gap as much as possible and attack him. However, note that his guards will also throw grenades at you. Use flashbangs to disorient him and his guards and close the gap between you and him. 

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