How to Deal With Blazes in Minecraft

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here is how to deal with&nbsp;Blazes in Minecraft.</p></div>
Here is how to deal with&nbsp;Blazes in Minecraft.


Blazes are difficult hostile mobs to deal with in Minecraft.
Here is how to deal with Blazes in Minecraft.

Blazes are hostile mobs found in the nether. These mobs can be lethal if fought unprepared. They float out of reach and shoot fireballs at players, similar to Ghasts. These peculiar looking mobs have square bodies being orbited by blaze rods. You’ll often see smoke arising from blazes in Minecraft. When slain, they drop useful blaze rods. Here is how to deal with Blazes in Minecraft.

Where can you find Blazes in Minecraft?

Blazes only naturally spawn in the nether dimension, especially in nether fortresses. They are immune to fire and lava damage so when idle, you’ll see them slowly sink through the air and even into lava pools. 

How to deal with Blazes in Minecraft

A blaze will target players within 48 blocks of it and it will also alert other blazes in the radius to target the attacker. Blazes are hard to deal with because they do both ranged and melee attacks. When attacked from afar, they will shoot a trio of small fireballs at the player. A blaze that touches its target performs a melee attack that does 3 hearts worth of damage once per second, making them quite deadly even on normal difficulty. 

Blazes are susceptible to water and take freezing damage from powder snow and snowballs. So it’s a good idea to carry a number of snowballs with you if you know you’ll encounter blazes.

Bringing a snow golem is also a great idea since they will attack blazes with snowballs and knock them back. However, make sure you use a splash potion of fire resistance on the golem or else it will melt in the nether. It takes 7 snowballs to kill one blaze so make sure you have a few stacks in case you get swarmed. Make sure you have armor on (at least iron) and a ranged weapon like a bow with lots of arrows. You’ll also need cobblestone stacks to block the explosions or reach blazes out of reach. 

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