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How to Create and Use Item Sets in League of Legends?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Players need not always break their heads in-game while buying and deciding on item builds.
Players can choose a default item build that they want to try out on a particular champion or a class of champions before entering the game.
Item Sets in League of Legends help players create a mini guide for themselves when it comes to buying items and saving time while shopping.

League of Legends has an array of items that can be bought by players for gold which are used to dish out damage or gain resistances in-game. They are often fashioned into objects from the Runeterran lore and are classified into starter items, basic items, epic, legendary, and mythic items, depending on their use and special effects. When a game has way too many champions of different roles and multiple items, where one needs to remember what to build, it can get taxing for the players. One easy way to know which item to buy on which champions is by making use of “Item Sets” in League of Legends.

What are item sets in League of Legends?

Item sets pop up in the in-game shop where players buy their items. Every second counts in League of Legends and when a player spends way too much time at the fountain deciding on which item to buy, they will probably mess up the creep wave and lose out on essential experience and gold. Hence, it is always recommended that one knows exactly what items they shall be building in advance so that they can spend their time efficiently and effectively while shopping. However, the easier way to do this is to set up a personal “Item Set” for champions that one plays so that it pops up as a separate tab on the shop.

Where can you create Item Sets?

Players need to log into their League of Legends client and then navigate to the Collection tab and then Items. This should open up a page where players can create their custom item sets.

Now, players need to click on the Create New Item Set button which will navigate them to a page that has all the items in League of Legends on the left side of the screen. Players can also sort through the type of items by clicking on the checkboxes on the far left side of the page.

Most of these buttons are self-explanatory like the Save, Rename, and Delete buttons.

Item Sets

Players can also choose the maps on which they would like to use the item sets. By default, the item sets are enabled for both Howling Abyss and Summoner’s Rift.

Selecting champions

Next to the map selection buttons, players should be able to see a button where they can select which champions the item sets will apply to. One can select as many champions as they would like. For example, a Tank item set could be used every game for tanky champions in the game, and this applies to every role and sub-role. On the contrary, players can also make dedicated item sets for each champion.

Now, coming to the adding items to the Item set part: Players need to choose, drag and drop items onto something called “blocks” that they see on the right side of the page. These blocks will serve as indicators as to when to buy a particular item or a part of a bigger item upon going to base. These blocks can be renamed as a player pleases. Generally, they can be renamed starter items, core items, and so on.


After the item sets are customized, players can click on save and rename the Item Set as well for the sake of ease and convenience. Now, after entering Summoner’s Rift or Howling Abyss, players should be able to see the sets they created in the “Item Sets” tab on the shop’s pop-up.

Notably, players can also import item sets from third-party websites and use them in-game. But these third-party item sets cannot be edited after they’ve been imported.

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