How to Convert Your Valorant Sens To The Finals


How to Convert Your Valorant Sens To The Finals

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When it comes to first person shooter games, mouse sensitivity is extremely crucial.
If you are comfortable with your sens in Valorant, you may want to replicate it new games like The Finals.
In this article, we'll show you how to effortlessly convert your Valorant sens to The Finals for a consistent and precise gaming experience.

Both Valorant and The Finals are games with high-paced gameplay and precise gunplay. Out-aiming opponents is imperative to come out victorious. An important part of achieving this is through optimized mouse sensitivity and settings, among other things.

When it comes to first person shooter games, mouse sensitivity is extremely crucial and this varies from one player to another. In essence, sensitivity is the amount of movement experienced by your player model in-game based on how much you move your mouse in real life.

Once you figure out the right mouse sens for yourself in any one game, you can most times, directly convert it to another game. In this article, we shall look at converting your Valorant sens to The Finals.

How to Convert Your Valorant Sens To The Finals

Despite the differences in game dynamics, objectives, and tempos in Valorant and The Finals, the fundamental idea remains the same: Precision shooting. There are several ways to go about this converting your Valorant sens to The Finals. You can either choose to do it using third party tools, or through manual conversion.

Here's how you can convert your Valorant sensitivity for optimal performance in The Finals:

1. Valorant Sens to The Finals: Using Third-Party Tools

The simplest method to convert your Valorant sensitivity is through third-party websites. Find tools that support both games, factoring in scales and DPI. Enter your Valorant sensitivity and DPI, and the tool will provide the corresponding sensitivity for The Finals. This method streamlines the process and ensures accurate results.

Here's how you do it:

  • Open Valorant and jot down your sensitivity in the game.

  • Open your browser and navigate to or any other third-party tool.

  • Now, select Valorant from the 'Convert From' dropdown menu.

  • Next, select The Finals from the 'Convert To' dropdown menu.

  • Also enter the DPI of the mouse for both games.

Now, you should have accurately converted the Valorant sens to The Finals.

Valorant Sens to The Finals: Using Third-Party Tools

2. Manual Conversion

For those who prefer a manual approach, multiply your Valorant sensitivity by 88.74. Given that Valorant players typically use sensitivities below one, the conversion ratio may seem substantial. The Finals' sensitivity slider favors whole numbers, requiring estimating or rounding off if your Valorant sensitivity falls between two values.

Keep in mind that Valorant has specific sensitivity multipliers for scoped and ADS scenarios, while The Finals combines them into a mouse zoom sensitivity multiplier. Players will need to experiment on their own to find the ideal setting, considering these differences.

Important Points to Keep in Mind

  • Consistent Platform and Mouse: This method works best if you play both games on PC using the same mouse.

  • Platform Variation: Using the same sensitivity on different platforms (PlayStation or Xbox) may yield varied results.

  • Adjustments for Game Dynamics: Since Valorant and The Finals differ in mechanics and playstyles, you must customize the sensitivity to suit the latter's requirements.

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