Here is how to complete Snatch in Escape From Tarkov.


How to Complete Snatch in Escape From Tarkov

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The Snatch quest is available once you complete the Missing Informant quest for the Lightkeeper.
Here is how to complete Snatch In Escape From Tarkov.

The Snatch quest in Escape From Tarkov is available to complete on the Lighthouse and Reserve maps, the eighth and seventh locations added to the game. The quest is given to you by Farit Akhmadullovich Genatulin, known by his alias "Lightkeeper". You need to complete Missing Informant and wait for 24 hours after completion of that quest. This is not a requirement for obtaining Kappa Secure Containers. Here is all you need to know to complete Snatch in Escape from Tarkov.

Steps in completing Snatch in Escape From Tarkov

  • Extract from Lighthouse.

  • Obtain the forged intelligence at the Rogue base on Lighthouse.

  • Obtain the original intelligence in the repair station on Reserve.

  • Stash the forged intelligence under the BMP-2 in place of the original.

  • Bring the original intelligence to Lightkeeper.

Head to the Lighthouse map and make your way towards the western entrance of the water treatment plant.

Head to the Lighthouse map and look for the containers near the water treatment plant.

You’ll find the documents you need in a blue container near the water treatment plant. 

You'll find what you need to complete Snatch In Escape From Tarkov.

Go inside and look on the couch with the black duffel bag on it. Once you have the documents, head to the green container on the right. Go to the far end of the container and you’ll find the second set of documents next to the box. Once you have the documents head to the Reserve map. 

Head to the Reserve map and go south of the White Knight building.

Make your way towards the RB-ST room at the repair station, south of the White Knight building. Make sure you have the RB-ST key before you head here. You’ll find the key in jackets, drawers, and pockets and bags of scavs as a random drop. Make your way inside and turn left. Head towards the cage door and unlock it using the RB-ST key. 

Go through the cage using the RB-ST key and look for the documents at the back of the BMP-2 tank.

Once inside go past the red truck and you’ll find the documents at the back of the BMP-2.

Once you complete all the objectives of the Snatch quest, it is important to note that players must extract safely without being killed by enemy players or Scavs. 


  • Lightkeeper Rep +0.01

  • 3× VPX Flash Storage Module

  • Unlocks craft for UHF RFID Reader at Intelligence Center level 2.

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