How to Complete Getting Acquainted and Make Amends in Escape From Tarkov

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here is how to complete Getting Acquainted And Make Amends in Escape From Tarkov.</p></div>
Here is how to complete Getting Acquainted And Make Amends in Escape From Tarkov.


Both Getting Acquainted and Make Amends are given to you by the Mechanic and have identical quest objectives.
Here is how to complete Getting Acquainted And Make Amends in Escape From Tarkov.

The Getting Acquainted and Make Amends quests in Escape From Tarkov are available to complete on the Lighthouse map, the eighth location added to the game. The quests are given to you by Sergey Arsenyevich Samoylov, known by his alias "Mechanic" and are closely related. Getting Acquainted is part of a series of quests you need to complete to first meet the Lightkeeper, whereas Make Amends will need to be completed if you want to cross the lighthouse peninsula bridge and meet the Lightkeeper again. Both these quests are not a requirement for obtaining a Kappa Secure Container. Note that you will need to unlock crafting for Digital secure DSP radio transmitter at Intelligence Center level 2. Here is all you need to know to complete Getting Acquainted and Make Amends in Escape from Tarkov.

Steps in completing Getting Acquainted in Escape From Tarkov

  • Obtain the V3 Flash drive on Lighthouse

  • Reflash the Radio transmitter

  • Hand over the flash drive to Mechanic

  • Visit the lighthouse building

There are over 20 possible spawn locations for the V3 Flash drive inside the water treatment plant on the Lighthouse map.

Here are the possible spawns for the&nbsp;V3 Flash drive required to complete&nbsp;Getting Acquainted And Make Amends in Escape From Tarkov.

Two of the spawns need the Rogue USEC barrack key and Water treatment plant storage room key. However these keys are optional. You only need them for building #2 and #3. You can also find the flash drive at other locations inside the water treatment plant. 

Getting inside the Water Treatment plant requires that you deal with heavily-armed members of the rogue faction in building #1 and the middle building. Once you’ve made it past them, you can look for the V3 Flash drive. The flash drive spawns on multiple locations in the water treatment plant:

In Building #1 it can spawn in the following locations:

The second floor office which can be accessed from the exterior.

The flash drive has multiple spawn locations across the Water Treatment Plant.

On a shelf and on a desk in one of the northeastern upstairs offices.

Make sure you clear the exterior areas of the buildings for scavs and rogues.

Head downstairs from the northeastern offices and enter the room under the stairs. It can spawn in multiple shelves and on tables here.

The Water Treatment plant buildings have a number of desks and shelves where the flash drive may spawn.

Exit the room to the hallway and you may find it in the metal shelves here. 

Look for the room with the dead scav and body bag, it can spawn in multiple locations in the room including the gurney, tables and shelves.

Check the dead scav on the gurney on the left as well.

Exit Building #1 and you’ll find a small room between the two water tanks, check inside the room. Check the metal shelves on the left.

Head to the electric building between the two tanks.

Head towards the military tent that is located in the southeastern water basin.

Also check the military tents in the outdoor areas.

Also check the green container which leads into the tent. Check the guard shack, especially on the plastic chair or table.

The guard shack is a dangerous area as you're a vulnerable target here.

In Building #2 it can spawn in the following locations:

In the metal shelf in the Water treatment plant storage room or the table. 

Make sure to check the storage rooms and shelves.

Take the hallway to the right and check the metal shelves. It can also spawn here. 

The hallway shelves are also possible spawn locations.&nbsp;

On the second floor, it can spawn in the office on the desks with the green tarp or the bookshelves next to them. It can also spawn in hallways outside the office in the metal shelves. 

The desks with the green tarp may also spawn the flash drive.

On the desk or wooden containers in the western office.

Make sure to check on top of the wooden containers.

In Building #3 it may spawn in the following locations:

It may spawn in the Rogue USEC barrack room on the desk.

The barrack room has spawns on both the desk, shelves and the lower bunk.

On metal shelves in the storage room that connects the outside stairs with the western upstairs offices. It may also spawn on tables or in bookshelves of the upstairs offices. Another possible spawn is on the tables or shelves in the northern office of the eastern personnel tract.

Once you have the flash drive you can proceed with the rest of the quest.

Once you collect the flash drive, you have to reflash the decoded transmitter at the Intelligence Center level 2 in the Hideout. After the reflashing is done, the transmitter will appear as ‘Encoded’. You can now use it to bypass the Claymores and Zryachiy (sniper) guarding the bridge to the lighthouse peninsula, allowing you to visit the lighthouse building easily.

Once you complete all the objectives of the Getting Acquainted quest, it is important to note that players must extract safely without being killed by enemy players or Scavs. 

  • +32,000 EXP

  • Mechanic Rep +0.01

Completing Getting Acquainted will also lead you to the Make Amends quest which has similar objectives. Note that if you want to approach the Lightkeeper again you’ll need to find another Flash Drive and reflash the transmitter. A decoded transmitter will make your passage through the bridge on the lighthouse peninsula difficult. Completing Make Amends will get you the following rewards:

  • Mechanic Rep +0.01

  • Lightkeeper Rep +0.01

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