How to Complete Explosive Errand Mission in League of Legends

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here is how to complete Explosive Errand mission in Lunar Gala for League of Legends.</p></div>

Here is how to complete Explosive Errand mission in Lunar Gala for League of Legends.


The Explosive Errand mission requires players to claim an Underground heist.
Here is how to complete the Explosive Errand mission for League of Legends.

The recent League of Legends update celebrating the Lunar New Year added a number of themed cosmetics, a brand new event shop and the Lunar Gala for Teamfight Tactics (TFT) players. As part of the Lunar Gala missions, players have to complete a mission titled ‘An Explosive Errand’. The mission text reads, “Get Annie’s fireworks by claiming an Underground Heist”. Here is what you need to do to complete Explosive Errand in League of Legends TFT.

Completing the Explosive Errand mission in League of Legends 

The current Teamfight Tactics set 8 includes champions with an ‘Underground’ trait. You need to field atleast three Underground champions to activate the trait. Once activated, the trait lets you progress towards heists by ‘cracking’ 10 locks with combat wins and losses. After completing each heist, players can choose to take the rewards offered or continue to get bigger rewards with a total of seven possible heists. You’ll need to crack a total of 10 locks to complete a single heist. There are two milestones for the Underground trait:

  • Underground (3): Crack 4 vault locks after a player combat win and 6 after a player combat loss.

  • Underground (5): Crack 6 vault locks after a player combat win and 10 after a player combat loss.

Completing the Explosive Errand requires players to field at least three champions with the Underground trait. After you activate the trait, you’ll need to keep it active long enough to complete atleast one heist. You’ll be able make progress on locks faster if you go on a losing streak in player combat rounds, since you crack 6 vault locks at Underground (3) and 10 at Underground (5) if you lose the combat rounds. Champions with the Underground trait are as follows:

  • Kayle: 1-cost

  • Ezreal: 2-cost

  • Vi: 2-cost

  • Sona: 3-cost

  • Samira: 4-cost

Fielding three Underground champions is fairly easy in the early game since Kayle is a 1-cost champion while Ezreal and Vi are 2-cost each.

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