Here is how to complete Chemical Part 1 in Escape From Tarkov.


How to Complete Chemical Part 1 in Escape From Tarkov

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The quest is given to you by the Skier.
Here is how to complete Chemical Part 1 in Escape From Tarkov.

The Chemical Part 1 quest in Escape From Tarkov is available to complete on the Customs map, the second location added to the game. You’ll be able to do the quest only if you are level 10 or above. The quest is given to you by Alexander Fyodorovich Kiselyov, known by his alias "Skier". Here is all you need to know to complete the Chemical Part 1 in Escape from Tarkov.

Steps in completing Chemical Part 1 Quest

You will receive instructions about the quest from the Skier and it is a required quest to get a Kappa container. Here is what you need to do:

  • Obtain information about the Deputy Chief's past life on Customs.

    (Optional) Locate the sleeping place of the former Deputy Chief of Security on Customs

  • Hand over the information to Skier

  • Obtain items that can help the investigation

  • Hand over the items to Skier

You’ll need the Dorm 220 key to complete the task. The key spawns in jackets, pockets and bags of Scavs, and inside filing cabinets. You can also obtain this key from the flea market. You can collect the key and the item needed to complete the quest by heading to the Customs map and going to the train container located next to the ZB-1012 extraction point. You’ll find towers with 1986 written on them opposite the train container.

The train container is located past the new gas station. 

Get inside the container and you’ll find the Dorm 220 key spawn here.

You'll find the standalone container opposite the towers.

The folder you need to collect can spawn in several locations inside the train container. It may spawn in the left corner of the section next to the mattress or under the pallet next to the mattress or in between the two pallets there. 

Three possible spawn locations for the key to complete Chemical Part 1 in Escape From Tarkov.

It may also spawn under the right brick pallet, located opposite the mattress.

The dorm key may also spawn here.

If the folder proves hard to collect, prone and you should be able to grab it. As with other quests, make sure you extract safely with the items to complete the quest. Completing the quest grants you the following rewards:

  • +4,800 EXP

  • Skier Rep +0.04

  • 15,000 Roubles

  • 15,750 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 1

  • 17,250 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 2

  • 1× MSA ACH TC-2002 MICH Series helmet

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