Here is how to claim the Revenant Candy bundle through Amazon Prime Gaming.


How to Claim Revenant Candy Bundle From Prime Gaming Rewards

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Prime Gaming subscribers can claim the Revenant "Candy Carnage" skin, “Candy Pain” Rampage weapon, and the “Grim Wrapper” banner.
Here is how to claim the Revenant Candy bundle through Amazon Prime Gaming.

Amazon Prime and Respawn Entertainment are continuing their collaboration to offer Prime members a chance to claim the Holiday-themed Revenant Candy Bundle for December 2022 in Apex Legends. Players can unlock the Revenant "Candy Carnage" skin, “Candy Pain” Rampage weapon and the “Grim Wrapper” Revenant banner with their Prime Gaming membership. Prime Gaming Skins have been a regular perk for Amazon Prime users since Apex Legends' launch in 2019. Prime members can also get more free content for other EA games like FIFA 21, Madden 22, and Battlefield 2042.

How to redeem Apex Legends Prime Gaming skins

You can claim the the Revenant Candy bundle through Amazon Prime Gaming.

Players can redeem the Revenant Candy Bundle from Prime Gaming rewards. It’s available from 15th December 2022 to 17th January 2023. Here is how you can redeem Amazon Prime Gaming Apex Legends rewards for December 2022:

  • Visit the Apex Legends Prime Gaming website and scroll down.

  • Click ‘Claim Now’ above the Revenant Candy Bundle.

  • Sign in with your Amazon Prime account details.

  • Once you’ve logged in, claim the bundle.

Note: Make sure your EA account is not linked with Twitch, you will be redirected to the EA website to sign in and link the two accounts.

After launching the game, players can find their new Revenant skin by selecting ‘Legends', navigating to Revenant and then ‘Skins’. For the Banner frame, select ‘Legends’, go to Revenant and ‘Banners’, and for the Weapon Skin: select ‘Loadout’, go to ‘LMG’ and ‘Rampage’. Be sure to scroll down as these items come under the category of Epic or Rare cosmetics, and may not be displayed at the top. Check out a preview of the bundle down below:

Other legends like Catalyst, Wattson, Loba, Ash, Mad Maggie, New Castle and more have previously gotten skins, weapon skins and banner frames through Prime Gaming bundles. Make sure to check the Amazon Prime Gaming rewards section monthly, for new content drops for Apex Legends Prime Gaming.

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