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How to Claim League of Legends’ Prime Gaming Drops for February 2022

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games and Amazon Prime Gaming are teaming up again to provide exclusive rewards for players in February.
Players with an active Prime Gaming subscription will be eligible to claim these rewards and goodies.
Players can claim drops including free RP, permanent skin shard, champion shards, and XP boosts.

With February just around the corner, Amazon Prime Gaming has yet again joined hands with League of Legends to provide a wide range of rewards to players. League of Legends is well known for its dazzling line of in-game cosmetics for all its champions. Acquiring these skins in the game may prove to be quite a challenge, but players can unlock them courtesy of Prime Gaming. It offers players in-game cosmetics, RP, skin shards, champion shards, and even XP boosts. Amazon Prime Gaming is available to those who have access to Twitch prime and by linking your Riot Games’ account to your Twitch prime account, you will be able to claim the rewards.

If you are looking forward to claiming the February rewards, here’s all you need to know.

Linking Riot Games’ Account with Amazon Prime Gaming

To be eligible for these rewards, players need to have an active Amazon Prime membership. So make sure that there is an active membership for Feb 2022.

Once this is done, players will have to link their Riot Games account with Prime Gaming, which is a straightforward process as mentioned below.

  1. Open Prime Gaming

  2. Link the Riot Games account to Prime Gaming

  3. Once the accounts are linked, find League of Legends from a list of games and claim the rewards by clicking “Claim”

  4. Open the “Loot” tab on the League of Legends client and find the rewards.

What’s in the goody bag for February

Riot announced that Prime Gaming goodies and rewards will be up for grabs till 24th Feb. The following are the rewards for February:

  1. 650 RP

  2. A permanent skin worth 1350 RP

  3. 200 Orange Essence

  4. Five Champion Shards Permanent

  5. Two Series-1 Eternals shards

  6. 30 days XP boost League of Legends Prime Gaming Rewards: February

Players who also watch any League of Legends Esports tournaments in 2022 will be able to get custom emotes every month, thanks to Prime Gaming.

Prime Gaming is only free for the first month. If players are claiming rewards for the first time, only the bank account details need to be fed in and no money will be deducted for the first month. Prime Gaming is currently only available in select countries and is slowly rolling out to other locations. Players should first check if it is available in their region before proceeding and it is vital to remember that using a VPN to unlock rewards can get accounts permanently banned.

To check the availability in your region, head to this link and check out the list of countries.

Amazon’s Prime Gaming is known for the handsome rewards it offers to users. The rewards include a monthly Twitch channel subscription, access to in-game loot and content, and exclusive emotes. Every so often new games are being added. Players can also grab all rewards available for other games as well, including loot for Free Fire, Genshin Impact, Apex Legends, Wild Rift, and more.

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