Here is how to claim Gingerbread Bastion in Overwatch 2.


How to Claim Gingerbread Bastion in Overwatch 2

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Blizzard is giving away the Gingerbread Bastion away for 1 Overwatch Coin as part of the holiday festivities.
Here is how to claim Gingerbread Bastion in Overwatch 2.

Blizzard brought some festive cheer to Overwatch 2 with the Winter Wonderland event. As part of the festivities, the developer is giving out the Gingerbread Bastion bundle to players for 1 Overwatch Coin. The bundle includes a legendary bastion skin and a holiday-themed weapon charm. The Gingerbread Bastion bundle joins a number of cosmetics, free rewards and arcade modes to be added to the game for the holidays. Here is how to claim Gingerbread Bastion in Overwatch 2.

How to claim Gingerbread Bastion bundle in Overwatch 2 

Players can redeem the Gingerbread Bastion bundle in the shop. Simply boot up Overwatch 2 and navigate to the shop. Here you’ll see the Gingerbread Bastion bundle which can be bought for 1 Overwatch Coin. The bundle includes the Gingerbread Bastion skin and a Candy Cane weapon charm. 

The Gingerbread Bastion bundle is currently available in the shop.


For new Overwatch 2 players who may not have any Overwatch Coins, there are a number of ways to earn them. Completing weekly challenges will award you a small sum of coins for free. Completing four weekly challenges will get you 30 Overwatch Coins. These include completing challenges like winning 10 games, winning 5 games in Arcade mode and winning 7 games queued as Flex etc. Check out all the weekly challenges you need to complete by navigating to ‘Battle Pass’ and then ‘Challenges’. Here select the ‘Weekly’ tab.

Complete weekly challenges to earn Overwatch Coins.


You can also redeem Microsoft Reward Points for Overwatch Coins. World of Warcraft players who own the game can also redeem Overwatch Coins by turning in-game gold into tokens. These tokens can be converted into balance which can be used to get Overwatch Coins. 

Players who log into Overwatch 2 before 2nd January 2023 will receive the Festive Wreath weapon charm and the 2023 player icon. The Ice Queen Brigitte skin is still earnable in Overwatch 2. The Winter Wonderland free login gift, seasonal challenges, and free rewards will be available until 3rd January 2023.

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