How to Check Battle for Olympus Leaderboard in Overwatch 2

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Junker Queen currently leads the Battle for Olympus leaderboards in Overwatch 2.</p></div>
Junker Queen currently leads the Battle for Olympus leaderboards in Overwatch 2.


Overwatch 2's new limited-time mode Battle for Olympus pits seven players against each other deathmatch style.
The leaderboards for the mode are updated every few days.
Junker Queen currently leads the Battle for Olympus leaderboards in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 added the Battle for Olympus limited-time mode to season 2 earlier this month. Battle for Olympus features 7 players decked out in Greecian skins fighting it out deathmatch style. The mode will be available till last till 19th January 2023 and Blizzard has also stated that of the seven playable heroes available in the mode, a statue of the hero with the most kills will be instated on the Illios map. Players can also complete event challenges and earn rewards including cosmetics for several heroes. Completing enough challenges will also grant you the Winged Victory Mercy skin. Let’s take a look at which hero is currently in the lead and where do you check Battle for Olympus leaderboard. 

Which hero is leading the Battle for Olympus Leaderboard in Overwatch 2?

According to a Tweet from the official Overwatch account today, Junker Queen is currently leading with 34,465,093 kills. She’s followed by Pharah with 32,579,481 kills. Here are the current standings of the Battle for Olympus Leaderboard in Overwatch 2:

  1. Junker Queen: 34,465,093

  2. Pharah: 32,579,481

  3. Roadhog: 25,887,501

  4. Lucio: 24,948,982

  5. Widowmaker: 24,860,472

  6. Reinhardt: 22,443,713

  7. Ramattra: 19,695,825

Unfortunately, the leaderboard is not available in-game. However, Blizzard keeps updating the standings for the leaderboard on Twitter every few days with new numbers, so players can check out the official Overwatch Twitter account to see who is in the lead.  

Junker Queen, Pharah and Roadhog have maintained their position as the top three on the leaderboard since the start of the game mode with Widowmaker overtaking Lucio in the latest update. With five more days still to go for the mode to end, which hero gets a statue on Illios remains to be seen. Despite Junker Queen’s hefty lead, Pharah is slowly closing the gap on the number of eliminations so it's anyone's game.

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