This is the firs time Apex Legends map rotation has included all three maps since Olympus' release.


How to Check Apex Legends Map Rotation

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While Apex Legends doesn't have any official way to check what map is currently available, except in-game, there are online tools available to track this.
Several Apex Legends fan-made websites track which maps are currently in rotation for battle royale, arenas and ranked modes for the game.

Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence brought in a brand new legend Seer along with all three maps into the map rotation cycle for the first time since Olympus’ release. While some players have a favourite map they like to play on, others want to complete map specific events like the Old Ways or the New Dawn Bloodhound event which can only be done on World's Edge. To this end, players can track which map is in rotation for Apex Legends and usually require to log into the game to find out. However, there are tools available online which let you check Apex Legends map rotation.

Apex Legends map rotation tracker

There are several Apex Legends fan-made websites that track which maps are currently in rotation for battle royale, ranked battle royale, arenas and ranked arenas modes in the game. Here’s how players can check which map is active without being in-game. Players can check the following websites to know which maps are currently in rotation:

Apexmaps is a website by kuro which not only tells you which map is currently active on Apex Legends but also upto two more which are expected to be in map rotation. Players can toggle the menu, located next to the bell icon on the top right side of the screen and check the active maps for battle royale and ranked battle royale. Players can also select the Arena map tracker for both normal arenas and ranked arenas modes through here. Additionally, players can click the bell icon to get push notifications for specific maps within certain time slots while Apex Legends Map Rotation is running in the background. This feature is currently supported on certain browsers and is in beta. Apexmaps also lets players click the ‘Check Map’ button to see what map will be in rotation at a specific date and time (within the current rotation pattern).

Players can check check Apex Legends map rotations without entering the game on this website. 

If Apexmaps is unavailable players can head to the Apex Legends Status website to check the current map in rotation for normal and ranked modes for both Battle Royale and Arenas. However, this website doesn’t tell you about the future map rotations.

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