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How to Change Summoner Name in League of Legends?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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League of Legends use a Username for log-in credentials and a Summoner Name as the in-game name.
Changing your Summoner Name in League of Legends is very simple and easy.

When players download League of Legends, they are always asked to choose a Username and a Summoner name. Notably, the username is the name one uses to log in and no one but the player has access or visibility to the username. Changing a username in League of Legends might be a hassle but the process to change the Summoner Name is quite simple.

In 2019, Riot Games made adjustments to its account system that required players to make some changes to their username. As to why the usernames were unlinked and why Riot sent out emails asking players to reset them to unique ones is because of the fact that it brought in a global, universal log-in system which meant that duplicate usernames could not exist.

Let’s now take a look into how to change the summoner names in League of Legends.

What are Summoner Names and how to change them in the League of Legends client?

We already know that the name which is a part of your credentials is the username. So, the unique name that is publicly displayed to your friends and all the other players in League of Legends is called the Summoner Name. While you cannot technically keep changing your username to suit the trend, you can very well stay trendy and vibey by changing your in-game name or what is also known as the summoner name.

Changing the Summoner Name is simple and can be done from within the client, but for a price. Players need to follow the below-mentioned steps to change them.

1. Log into League of Legends with your credentials.

2. Once the client opens, navigate to the Store page.

Open League client and go to Store that you see on the right

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3. On the right side of the page, below the Riot Points (RP) and Blue Essence (BE) tracker, you should spot an option called Account.

4. Click on Account and you should see an unlockable option called “Summoner Name Change.”

Name Change option that you can see in Store and Account option

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5. Players can opt to change summoner names either for 1300 RP or by spending 13900 BE.

6. Before spending the amount, players can check if their desired name is available and then go for it.

Check if your desired Summoner Name is available in the client

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How to change Summoner Name for free?

Riot Games usually makes a one-time exception if players want to make minor changes like capitalizing or adding or removing spaces from their summoner names. Players can log into the League of Legends website and submit a ticket. Players will have to open a Riot support ticket and fill in the subject as “SUBJECT: Summoner Name Change.”

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