How to Change Language in Overwatch 2


How to Change Language in Overwatch 2

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Overwatch 2 supports multiple languages but it can be quite tricky to change your voiceover settings.
PC players can change the language via the menu while console players will need to change their console settings.
You can keep using English text while having a different voiceover language on PC but not on consoles.

Overwatch 2 features a diverse cast of characters and players from all over the world play the popular shooter but the default language of the game is English and there is no easy way to change the language of the game. The language is selected by default depending on your region and if you want to change the language in Overwatch 2, the process varies from platform to platform and things can get a little complicated. Here’s how you can change the language in Overwatch 2 on any platform.

Overwatch 2: How to Change Language on PC

If you are on PC, you can change Overwatch 2’s language via 

  1. Launch the desktop app and log in to your account 

  2. Select the Overwatch 2 game icon and click on the gear icon to access the options menu

  3. Click on Game Settings and you will be able to change the text language and spoken language from a list of options

  4. Click on Done

The launcher will start downloading the new language pack for Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2: How to Change Language on Consoles

On PS5, it is not possible to change the in-game language settings. Instead, you have to change your console language settings to tweak your Overwatch 2 language.


Playstation 5 owners can head to the Settings menu on their consoles and go to System>Language to change the in-game language. Do note that not all languages are supported by Overwatch 2 so it may or may not work.


Head to the Settings menu and go to System>Language and Location. In the new menu, you can change your language, location, and language region. Change the language and launch Overwatch 2.

Nintendo Switch

On Nintendo Switch go to Settings>System and change the language of your console.

On PC, it is possible to have English text and non-English voiceovers but if you change the language on console, both your text and voice will be changed. If you cannot read the language you are switching to on console, it can be difficult to change back to English so make sure you remember how to revert the settings if you need to.

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