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How to Change Language in Apex Legends

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Changing the language in Apex Legends on PC can be a hassle as in-game settings do not allow you to switch between different languages.
Nintendo Switch users will need to manually download language packs from the eShop.
Xbox and PS4/PS5 users can directly change language in Apex Legends from the in-game settings.

Apex Legends Season 10 added a host of quality-of-life (QOL) changes that make communication easier. The developers added contextual text in the gameplay feed for Bloodhound scans, ability usage and more. If you want to play Apex Legends in a language that is more comfortable for you, there are many more contextual menus and voice lines that make playing in a language, other than English, more convenient when compared to previous seasons.

Unfortunately, Apex Legends automatically selects a language for you and you will need to edit your settings on your game launcher (Steam/Origin) or your console to change to a different language. Here is a quick guide to change your language in Apex Legends on any platform.

What language options are available in Apex Legends?

There are 12 languages currently supported by Apex Legends which include English, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. On PC and console, all language packs are installed by default while Nintendo Switch users need to download the required language packs separately.

How to Change Apex Legends language on PC (Steam/Origin)

Apex Legends requires Steam or Origin to launch. Here is how you can change the language on either platform:


Change Apex Legends language on PC (Steam)
  1. Launch Steam

  2. Head to “Library”

  3. Search for Apex Legends

  4. Right click on Apex legends and click on Properties

  5. Locate the Language tab

  6. Select your language of choice

  7. Launch Apex Legends


Change Apex Legends language on PC (Origin)
  1. Launch Origin

  2. Open your Games Library

  3. Find Apex Legends

  4. Click on the Gear icon

  5. Click on Advanced Launch Options

  6. Click on Application settings and change the language via the Language tab

Change Apex Legends language on Xbox and PS4/PS5

  1. Launch Apex Legends

  2. Go to the Settings menu

  3. Find the Language option

  4. Choose any of the supported languages

Nintendo Switch

  1. Open Nintendo eShop from your console’s main menu.

  2. Search for Apex Legends and open the store page

  3. Download the appropriate language pack

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