Here is how to buy back in Warzone 2 and bring back teammates.


How to Buy Back in Warzone 2

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Warzone 2 lets players bring back squad members who did not make it out of the Gulag.
Here is how to buy back in Warzone 2 and bring back teammates.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has brought back a number of features from the previous Warzone. One of these many features includes the buy back option. In a game based on teamwork, having the option to bring back your teammates really helps with improving your chances of a win. Here is where the Gulag and buy back options in Warzone 2 come in. 

If one of your squad members is taken out by an enemy player, they'll get a chance to enter the Gulag and fight for an opportunity to respawn. If they fail to win the 2v2 Gulag fight, they will not be able to redeploy on their own. This is where you can help your squadmate by buying back their life.

How to buy back squadmates in Warzone 2

Players can buy back their teammates by spending in-game money at any of the Buy Stations located around the map. These are denoted with shopping cart icons all over Al Mazrah.

Buy stations are marked on the map using shopping carts.

It takes $4,000 to bring back each fallen teammate in Warzone 2. So if you want to buy back your whole squad, you’ll need to spend a whopping $12,000. Once you’re at the buy station, you can select the "Redeploy Squadmates" option and then choose the squad member you'd like to redeploy. Once this is done, your teammate should respawn.

Use these Buy Stations to buy back teammates fallen in the Gulag.

There are a number of good ways to earn enough money to buy back squad members. You can complete missions, bounties, and raid Strongholds to earn quick cash. Cash registers located in gas stations on Al Mazrah also carry a random amount of cash. 

The buy-back feature in Warzone 2 allows players to bring back teammates after they’ve been eliminated. Opponents can also do the same, meaning a team with a lot of money will have the upper hand when it comes to bringing back teammates. In Quads, you can bring back all three of your teammates, but it will cost a lot separately and you’ll need to survive. Players also tend to camp around shops because, this way, you can get a few easy kills.

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