Here is how to breed pandas in Minecraft.


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How to Breed Pandas in Minecraft

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Pandas are adorable creatures found in jungle biomes in Minecraft.
Here is how you can breed pandas in Minecraft.

Pandas are a temperamental neutral mob found in jungle biomes in Minecraft. Pandas spawn with distinct personalities which determine how they act. They can spawn as normal, lazy, worried, playful, aggressive and weak. You can breed different pandas and their offspring will contain a mix of their traits. They also come in a rare brown panda variant. Here is how to find and breed pandas in Minecraft.

Where to find pandas in Minecraft

Pandas can be found in the following biomes in the overworld:

  • Jungle

  • Bamboo Jungle

  • Sparse Jungle‌ (Bedrock edition)

They usually spawn in groups of two and will attack you once if you hurt them, similar to bees. Pandas are fond of bamboo and cake. Here is how to breed pandas in Minecraft. Depending on the game mode difficulty, pandas will have the following health:

  • Easy: 4 hearts

  • Medium: 6 hearts

  • Hard: 9 hearts

How to breed pandas in Minecraft

Unlike a lot of the other mobs in Minecraft, you need to fulfill some extra conditions to breed pandas in Minecraft. To get pandas ready to mate, you’ll need to have at least eight bamboo blocks within a five-block radius of both pandas. Once you have the necessary conditions, lure two pandas together with some bamboo and feed it to both of them. Once you feed them the bamboo, you’ll see animated hearts around them. Once they mate, they will produce a baby panda which has a mix of its parents’ traits.

You can breed pandas in Minecraft by feeding them bamboo near bamboo.

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Panda personalities

Pandas can have the following personality traits:

  • Normal

  • Aggressive

  • Lazy

  • Worried

  • Playful

  • Weak

  • Brown

Pandas have unique personalities which cause them to behave differently.

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Each Panda has its own facial expression and behavior. Lazy pandas smile, lay on their back and are slower than normal pandas. Playful pandas have their tongues sticking out, roll over, and jump around. Weak pandas tend to sneeze more often as babies than normal baby pandas, and have half the health of other pandas. Aggressive pandas attack the player when hit and pick fights with other mobs. When killed pandas will drop between 1-2 bamboo.

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