Here is how to access Escape From Tarkov Arena. 


How to access Escape From Tarkov Arena

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Escape From Tarkov Arena is the latest offering from Battlestate Games.
The PvPvE Tactical FPS launched its beta a few weeks ago.
Here is how to access Escape From Tarkov Arena. 

The Escape From Tarkov Arena Beta launched a few weeks ago with Battlestate Games rolling out the first wave of invites. EFT: Arena is a new project in the Tarkov universe, a competitive PvPvE tactical first-person shooter. Arena combines the hardcore mechanics of EFT and fast-paced gameplay of session matches. The game launched in a big way with the first ever EFT: Arena Invitational at DreamHack Hannover and EFT Arena show matches scheduled with the beta launch. Players who have not yet received an invite still have a chance to get in over the next weeks of the beta. Here is how you can download and access Escape From Tarkov Arena.

How to download and access Escape From Tarkov Arena

Escape From Tarkov Arena (like the original) is not available on larger platforms like Steam or Epic Store. The developer has their own client for the game. To download and access Escape From Tarkov Arena players will need to have an account on the game’s official website. While purchasing the game, you will be required to sign up. If this is your first time playing a Battlestate game you will need to install a common client that works for both EFT and EFT Arena.  

Look for the ‘Launcher’ tab on the top-right of the page and download the Battlestate Games client. Launch the installation for the client by selecting your preferred language and directory. Complete the installation setup and login using your account credentials.

This client will let you access both Escape From Tarkov and Escape From Tarkov Arena. Both these games are not free-to-play. You will need to purchase the game. For Arena, pre-orders are currently open. Players who pre-order will get Early access to Escape from Tarkov: Arena closed beta test while Escape from Tarkov: Edge of Darkness owners get access to Arena for free.

Once you receive an invite, you’ll need to download the Escape From Tarkov launcher and install it. Once installed, you’ll need to log in using your Tarkov account.

You’ll find the Escape From Tarkov Arena tab on the left side of the menu in the launcher. While you will still be able to see the Escape From Tarkov Arena tab in the launcher, you will not be able to play the game until you have received a beta invite.

You will be able to access Escape From Tarkov Arena from the main Battlestate Games client.

Battlestate Games

Once you receive an invite, the large button on the bottom-right of the Arena tab will change. While the anticipation for the newest BattleState Games release has everyone wanting an invite, players will need to be patient as the developer rolls out more invites through the beta. Keep a lookout on your Tarkov launcher to see if it allows you to download Arena.

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