Here is all you need to know about how old is Sigma in Overwatch 2.


How Old is Sigma in Overwatch 2?

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Sigma is one of the oldest heroes in Overwatch.
Sigma, also known as Dr. Siebren de Kuiper, was added to the game in 2019.
Here is all you need to know about how old Sigma is in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 introduced a time jump in the series, adding new heroes, and lore to the Overwatch universe. Overwatch 2 takes place one year after Recall. If we look at the heroes during Overwatch, we can see how old Sigma is in Overwatch 2. Let us look at when Overwatch 2 is set and how old heroes like Sigma are in the game’s universe. 

How Old Is Sigma in Overwatch 2

Sigma is 64 years old and currently the oldest character in the hero line-up, beating out Reinhardt who is 63 years old. Sigma was added to Overwatch in 2019. 

An astrophysicist and musician, Sigma, whose real name is Dr. Siebren de Kuiper, worked to harness the power of gravity and black holes. Before the Omnic Crisis, Dr. Kuiper worked on maglev technology and conducted research on the Horizon Lunar Colony. During his time on the International Space Station, Dr. Kuiper performed an experiment which went awry, splitting his psyche but giving him the ability to control gravity. 

Following the experiment, he was quarantined as ‘Subject Sigma’, where he was eventually discovered by Talon who broke him out. He slowly gained control of his powers. 

What year is Overwatch 2 set in?

While Blizzard has been fuzzy about the specific year in which the events of Overwatch and Overwatch 2 take place, there is some general information available about this. Fans have used this to speculate which exact year is Overwatch 2 taking place in. Blizzard's Chris Metzen once said Overwatch's story takes place "something like 60 years" in the future. Former Overwatch senior designer Michael Chu similarly said Overwatch's story took place "around" 60 years in the future. However, they said this in different years. 

First released in 2016, many Overwatch players assumed it was based in the year 2076 or somewhere around it. With Overwatch 2 taking place a year later, that would imply it's based in the year 2077. Reddit user John_is_a_fool shared a screenshot from the map Paraiso.

In the club, there's a poster that when translated reads "Friday, May 14." Players were then able to figure out what years have a May 14 that lands on a Friday. Using the 2070s as a baseline, the Redditor figured out that 14th May lands on a Friday in three potential years -- 2066, 2077, and 2088. However, these are fan-theories and speculation, as the developers have never confirmed the date.

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