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How Does Average Combat Score Work in Valorant

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Average Combat Score in Valorant rates your performance relative to other players in your lobby.
The score is calculated at the end of every round and at the end of matches.
Damage, kills, non-damage assists and multi-kills contribute towards your ACS every game.

Average Combat Score (ACS) in Valorant is a metric that can be used to determine how well a player performs in a given match. It is a reliable metric as the rating is calculated relative to other players in the lobby. Unlike K/D (kill-death ratio), the average combat score also factors in damage, multi-kills, and non-damaging assists. Damage and assists play a massive role in Valorant and even if you don’t get too many kills, securing a lot of assists can help boost your ACS.

How is ACS calculated in Valorant

The average combat score is calculated in every round as well as at the end of a game. The ACS you see at the end of a game is the average of the ACS of every single round that you play in a game. 

  • Damage: one point per damage dealt

  • Kills: 150/130/110/90/70

  • Multi-kills: +50 per additional kill

  • Non–damaging assists: 25

On average, the ACS numbers can vary from 100 to almost 400. It is possible to break the 400 ACS mark but you need to absolutely destroy teams on your own every single round to get there. Even at the world championship in Istanbul, only five teams broke the 200 ACS mark with world champion LOUD securing an ACS of 207.54 across 17 maps. While individual players can get a very high ACS, the team ACS is usually around 200.

Your ACS in Valorant is a very important metric for determining how much ranked rating (RR) you get at the end of a game. If you have a great game and win with a high ACS, you are likely to get more RR. When you lose with high ACS, you are likely to lose less RR.

However, the reverse is also true and if you have a poor ACS during a loss, you may end up losing extra RR. If you get carried in a ranked game and win with low ACS, you will not receive as much RR as other players who played better than you. It is important to be consistent if you want to climb ranks. While having pop-off games can get you a nice boost in RR, you should try to perform well even if you are losing to prevent losing too much RR in games.

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