How Does Apex Legends' New Straight Shot Game Mode Work?



How Does Apex Legends' New Straight Shot Game Mode Work?

Abhimannu Das
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Apex Legends is launching a brand-new 30-player game mode with the arrival of its 5th Anniversary event.
The new mode will introduce a host of changes to minimize looting and maximize the amount of time spent in combat.

As part of Apex Legends Year 5, the game is getting a brand-new limited-time mode (LTM). If you are not a fan of how long Apex Legends games take, this LTM might be perfect for you. Instead of the usual 60 players, you jump into the lobby with just 30 players in a much smaller map. The looting process is also heavily streamlined to ensure you get into the action as quickly as possible.

Apex Legends Straight Shot Explained

No More Jumpmaster. Players will spawn above a random POI and drop in. Each POI will contain two teams (choose to engage immediately or rotate and play the end-game).

At the start, the ring focuses the game on a smaller portion of the map. Weapons will spawn kitted at different rarities, streamlining the loot process.

Here are the notable differences compared to the standard Battle Royale mode:

  • More drops, more fights, and more end-rings in less time.

  • Players can focus on movement and shooting, getting more reps on the battle royale in less time

  • Reduced Lobby Size of 30 players and shorter rounds.

  • Requeue with your party directly from the death screen

When Will Apex Legends' New Straight Shot Mode Release?

The game will release on 13th February and be available until 27th February as part of the anniversary celebrations. You can earn limited-time rewards by participating in the LTM.

Here are all of the rewards you can get:

  • Eternal Rebirth Bloodhound Skin (inspired by GuhRL)

  • Ursa Major Ballistic Skin (inspired by tttCheekyttt)

  • Flurry Furry Prowler Skin (inspired by ShivFPS)

  • Lightning Aura R99 Skin (inspired by Raynday)

  • Cute and Deadly Epic Banner (inspired by Dazs)

  • Cutie Claw Epic Banner (inspired by Vicky Palami)

  • Nightwatch Epic Banner (inspired by Oraxe)

  • Cure Overload Epic Banner (inspired by Noah Kurumi)

  • 5th Anniversary Loading Screen

  • 5th Anniversary Universal Trackers

There will be daily and weekly challenges that you need to complete regularly to get all the rewards. If previous events are anything to go by, you should be able to earn all rewards in five days. While most challenges will be centered around the Straight Shot mode, you will also have the option to earn the rewards from the traditional Battle Royale modes.

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