Here’s How You Can Turn on Footsteps in Fortnite


Here’s How You Can Turn on Footsteps in Fortnite

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Fortnite has an accessibility feature that allows you to visually indicate sounds such as footsteps, gunshots, and loot chests in your general vicinity.
This feature was initially activated by default in the mobile versions of Fortnite Battle Royale.

If you consider yourself as a competitive player in Fortnite Battle Royale, you must already be aware of how important it is to anticipate the position of your opponents. Doing so is crucial, as it allows you to select your strategy even before you get into a gunfight, ultimately giving you the time required to get the upper edge. While most players rely on the sound of gunshots, in-game tools, and player footsteps, the game offers players an intuitive way to visually keep track of nearby gunshots or footsteps around them. Here’s how you can activate this feature.

How to Turn On Visual Footsteps in Fortnite?

First introduced for mobile devices, this accessibility feature was initially aimed at gamers who never really prioritized audio and were just looking for a casual way to play Fortnite on their smartphones. However, this option was also ported over to other versions of the game, soon after its increase in popularity.

This feature is incredibly helpful especially if you do not have access to a suitable audio designed designed for gaming. It can also come in handy if you are in a loud environment where you cannot hear the sound of intricate audio effects present in the game. Here’s how you can turn on this feature in your game if you do not already have it activated by default:

  • Launch Fortnite and head into the main lobby

  • Click on your player icon on the top right or the three lines to the top left of your screen and head into the Settings menu by clicking on the Gear icon.

  • Navigate to the Audio icon from the bar present at the top and scroll down to the Sounds tab.

  • Here, you will find an option called Visualize Sound Effects and all you need to do is turn it On and save your changes.


Upon successfully executing the aforementioned steps, you will now see a translucent reticle in the middle of the screen, indicating nearby footsteps through a boots icon, indicating its general direction. You will also see two other icons to indicate gunshots and any chests in your vicinity.

Having these visual indicators are certainly helpful when you run into situations where you are scouring through the map for resources and you end up paying less attention to the audio cues around you. Although it is not used by most professional players, it is certainly a great feature at least until you familiarize yourself with various sound effects present in Fortnite. 

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