Here’s How You Can Get the PJ Skin in Fortnite


Here’s How You Can Get the PJ Skin in Fortnite

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After its debut on 25th February, the PJ skin is once again available in the Item Shop as of 11th April 2024.
This outfit can also be purchased along with the Tapedeck Thrasher Set which currently sells for a discounted price of 1,500 V-Bucks.

PJ is an original Fortnite outfit that was first introduced in Chapter 5 Season 1 on 25th February this year. This Rare skin embraces numerous 90s musical themes, evident in PJ’s attire, including the headphones and the cassette player sling bang she wears. Originating from an Epic Games Survey, PJ along with her add-ons quickly became a favorite among many players, as it was decked out with enticing reactive effects, a Lego version, and accessories like the Back Bling and the Pickaxe. Without further ado, here’s all you need to know to get the PJ skin in Fortnite.

PJ Skin in Fortnite: Price, Availability, and More

After its debut on 25th February, the PJ skin, along with the entire Tapedeck Thrasher set was available in the store for three days until 27th February. Thankfully, this outfit has once again made an appearance today, on 11th April, during the second half of Chapter 5 Season 2. This has overjoyed players who missed out on purchasing this skin while it was initially live in the Item Shop. 

Here’s everything that is a part of the Tapedeck Thrasher Set in Fortnite:

  • PJ Rare Outfit (One Reactivity with Orange color scheme)

  • PJ’s Lego version

  • Star Woofer Rare Back Bling

  • Tape Decker Rare Pickaxe

PJ Bundle

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If you are interested in purchasing the entire bundle, it is currently available for a discounted price of 1,500 V-Bucks rather than paying its original price. (2000 V-Bucks). You can also individually purchase the PJ outfit (with the Lego version) for 1,200 V-Bucks, while the Back Bling and the Pickaxe cost a total of 800 V-Bucks.

Besides its musical overtones perfect for use in the Fortnite Festival game mode, the PJ skin along with her accessories perfectly encapsulates the 90’s aesthetics which many players seem to find alluring. However, you need to know that it might not be the stealthiest of skins if you are planning on using it during the Battle Royale mode as its flashy colors might is certainly an attention-grabber.

What is the duration of availability for the PJ Skin in Fortnite’s Item Shop?

Considering the widespread popularity of this skin, it's reasonable to anticipate that the PJ skin will be accessible for a few days at the very least. Chapter 5 Season 2 has already introduced a plethora of outfits and cosmetic items, and Epic likely has more in store, including the highly anticipated Avatar: The Last Airbender collection set to debut tomorrow, 12th April.

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