Here’s How You Can Get the Free Jackie Skin in Fortnite


Here’s How You Can Get the Free Jackie Skin in Fortnite Rocket Racing

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The Jackie skin can be claimed absolutely for free upon completing a certain challenge in Fortnite’s new Rocket Racing mode.
Rocket Racing currently has a total of 18 different ranks.
You will also get other rewards such as Back Blings, Decals, and Paints for your cars and player upon completing the first two Rocket Racing quests.

With the release of Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season One Update, players received two major game modes such as a single-player Lego Fortnite mode and a Rocket Racing mode, which was developed in Collaboration with Pysonix, the creators of Rocket League. While the former is more survival-oriented, the latter is a fast-paced action-packed racing mode that offers numerous rewards such as decals, paints, and even skins for free. One such reward is the skin called Jackie, which will be available for free upon completing a specific challenge. Here’s how you can get it.

How to Get the Jackie Skin for Free in Fortnite?

The Rocket Racing game mode was made available on 8th December and players were able to access the “Try Rocket Racing” quest which was released along with it. The quest provided three tasks and completing them would unlock Jackie's skin for no extra cost. Here are the tasks:

  • Play Rocket Racing: Play one race to complete.

  • Play Rocket Racing Games: Requires you to play through 10 races.

  • Reach Gold Rank in Rocket Racing: This one is pretty challenging in comparison and you will have to dedicate some time to achieve this.

Although the first two challenges are relatively easier to finish, reaching Gold rank in Rocket Racing does mean you need to familiarize yourself with the game mode’s mechanics and climb through 6 different ranks to reach it. Currently, this racing mode has a total of 18 different ranks and to reach Gold, you will have to make your way through 3 tiers of Bronze and 3 tiers of Silver.

You will have to play through at least 3 to 4 races on average and get placed in the top 3 positions to climb up one rank. This means you will have to compete in a minimum of 18-25 matches to reach Gold. Although it might seem like a daunting task at first, it will eventually become easier to grind through this mode and get the free Jackie skin.

Keep in mind that the “Try Rocket Racing” Quest will only be available until 22nd March 2024, which is roughly two weeks after the end of Chapter 5 Season One. You will not be able to claim any of these rewards after the mentioned date so hurry up!

Apart from the Jackie skin, completing ten races in Rocket Racing will also unlock a Rare Back Bling called Diselback Pack. As mentioned earlier, you will also get other paint jobs and decals for cars in your inventory.

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