Here’s How You Can Get Necromedes, the Death Resonator Item in World of Warcraft


Here’s How You Can Get Necromedes, the Death Resonator in World of Warcraft

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Necromedes, the Death Resonator is a potent two-handed Mace, which can be dropped from the Death Metal Knight Elite enemy at the Blight Boar event during Darkmoon Faire.
This Mace reportedly has a 2% drop rate, followed closely by four different Cage Helms which have a 3% chance of dropping.

World of Warcraft boasts a diverse array of items, each offering various unique stats and abilities to help you in your endeavors. One notable item is the Necromodes two-handed mace that grants you various stats such as stamina, intellect, and strength, coupled with skills like Critical Strike and the ability to use Haste. Acquiring this weapon will allow you to counter some formidable foes thanks to its ability and debuffs. 

While it is certainly a potent weapon, the fact is that it has an appealing appearance, almost like a guitar with strings in between. It has an on-use effect effect allowing you to rock on to metal music until it shuts down for its 5-minute cooldown. Without further ado, here's how you can acquire it.

How to Get the Necromedes Two-Handed Mace in World of Warcraft?

Similar to other elusive items, the Necromedes two-handed axe drops from Death Metal Knight at the Blight Boar event during Darkmoon Faire. Wowhead claims that its drop rate is only two percent, which makes it significantly difficult to obtain. However, its availability during Darkmoon Faire means that you can farm it using different characters while the event is occurring.

Death Metal Knight

Once you head to a cave at coordinates (26, 131) on the Darkmoon Faire Island, you can participate while the event begins quite frequently every half hour. Once the Death Meta Rare Elite humanoid spawns, he sends waves of Banshees that need to be dodged. You will also have to deal with Frost-school damage aura and kill Ghouls, so players are recommended to use a Healer. These are his abilities:

  • Army of the Dead: The Death Metal Knight calls ghouls from the nearby grave to attack Devlynn Styx. Each ghoul will continue its attack until the Styx is defeated.

  • Wailing Wall: Summons a line of Wailing Wraiths to charge through the battlefield, dealing Shadow damage to any player caught in its range.

  • Cold as Ice:  Drains life energy from all nearby foes, dealing Frost damage for 3 seconds to every player within 100 yards of range.

Necromedes Two-Handed Mace

Apart from the Unique two-handed Mace, players can also get the chance to acquire items such as the Blight Boar Microphone Toy, Steel Reinforced Cage Helm, Leather Lined Cage Helm, Chain Linked Cage Helm, and Lightly Padded Cage Helm, each with a drop percent of around 3%. Considering the rarity of these items, they are certainly worth farming from this boss, and each character is capable of receiving these items once per Darkmoon Faire. 

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