Here’s How You Can Get Knotroot Wood in Lego Fortnite


Here’s How You Can Get Knotroot Wood in Lego Fortnite

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Knotroot wood in Lego Fortnite is used to craft high-tier weapons, tools, and also to upgrade your village.
Harvesting Knotroot wood requires an Uncommon Forest Axe.
Knotrood rods can also be found in a few chests inside caves. Beware, as you might have to deal with Rollers and Skeletons before you can open them.

The highly anticipated Lego X Fortnite game mode has finally been bestowed upon us and players are eager to explore this survival and crafting-based mode set in a procedurally generated environment. To ensure survival in this harsh world, you need to gather materials and build resources that will help you level up. However, these materials can be hard to come by, and the game doesn’t exactly guide you through it. One such material is Knotroot Wood which currently seems to be the most sought-after item in the Lego mode. Here’s how you can acquire it.

How to Get Knotroot Wood in Lego X Fortnite Mode?

To obtain Knotroot wood, you need to venture out into caves which are marked by small icons on the map. Once you get inside, you will find sturdy vines that will drop Knotroot wood once you break them. However, you must know that there is one major prerequisite that you need to have in order to harvest them. You will need at least an uncommon (green) Forest Axe as breaking them with a common axe will only grant you regular wood.

Here are the steps required to craft an Uncommon Forest Axe:

  • Construct a crafting bench with 3 wood and 5 granite

  • Build a lumber mill with 8 wood and 15 granite

  • Use wood to craft 3 rods on the lumber mill

  • Use wood to create 8 planks on the lumber mill

  • Kill skeletons and gather 3 bones

  • Kill rollers and gather 3 shells

  • Use the acquired planks and shells to upgrade your crafting bench to Uncommon rarity

  • Craft the Uncommon Forest Axe using the upgraded crafting bench from the remaining materials (3 bones and wooden rods).

How to Turn Knotroot Wood into Knotroot Rods?

Knotroot is probably one of the most useful materials in Lego Fortnite as it will help you craft high-tier weapons, and tools along with helping you upgrade your village. However, most of these require you to turn regular Knotroot Wood into Knotroot rods, and doing so requires you to have access to a Lumber mill.

Building a Lumber Mill requires you to head into the utility section and use 8 regular wood and 15 granite. Once it is created and placed you will be able to turn your Knotroot wood into rods. Thankfully, there is no additional cost involved and they have a 1:1 ratio which means one Knotroot wood will craft a single rod. 

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