Here’s How You Can Fix the “TFGE0002” Error in The Finals


Here’s How You Can Fix the “TFGE0002” Error in The Finals

Surya Kumar
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The “TFGE0002” Error in The Finals suddenly disrupts your connection to the game servers, affecting your in-game progress.
The following guide will provide you with possible solutions to fix this frustrating issue in The Finals.

The Finals has been making numerous strides in the world of free-to-play FPS games and it is currently one of the most trending shooters in the market with over 10 million players jumping in to experience its gunplay and destructible environments. While the game has been well-received by many, some unlucky players seem to experience the “TFGE0002” error that suddenly disrupts their connection to the game’s servers. Although there are no official fixes for this error yet, there are a few methods to resolve this persistent issue. Let’s go ahead and take a look!

Possible Solutions to Resolve the “TFGE0002” Error in The Finals

As mentioned above, the “TFGE0002” error indicates that players are abruptly kicked out of the game’s servers which can be frustrating especially if you are grinding out to unlock new weapons and receive enticing rewards. This issue might also be caused due to connectivity issues with your ISP or if the player has any exploits installed. Here’s everything you can try to fix this error:

Update The Finals to Its Latest Version

Make sure you are running the game on its latest version so that you are not prone to any discrepancies. The most easiest way to do this would be to turn on auto-update on Steam. You can also follow The Finals on X so that you are notified about all the latest updates.

Check the Server Status of The Finals

Before you jump into this chaotic shooter, make sure that the game servers are active in your region. The devs might take the game offline for maintenance or for updates. You can follow the official Discord channel of The Finals to check this.

Furthermore, you also need to make sure that there aren’t any issues with your own internet connection. Check your internet speeds using any of the speed testing sites to confirm that your connection is stable and secure. If there are any discrepancies, contact your ISP to reconfigure your connection.

Change Region Settings From Automatic to Your Specific Location

You might be experiencing server issues due to the game setting your server location further away from your specific region. To prevent this, set your region from “Automatic” to your specific area. This will make sure you are connected to a nearby server, thus allowing you to maintain a stable and consistent connection to The Finals.

Verify the Integrity of Your Game Files From Steam

The TFGE0002 error might also be caused because of corrupt or missing game files. If you are playing the game on Steam, follow these steps to rectify this:

  • Open Steam and head into your game library

  • Locate The Finals page and right-click on the gear icon

  • This will open a drop-down menu and you need to select “Properties”

  • Click on “Installed Files” and select the option called “Verify the integrity of game files”

Upon following these steps, Steam will begin checking all of your game files and it will automatically remove and replace corrupt data or download any missing files.

Reinstall The Finals

While this is a relatively tedious process, reinstalling the game might help you solve the  “TFGE0002” error, as you will freshly install all of the game’s data along with establishing a new connection to the servers. Thankfully, The Finals has a smaller file size in comparison with other competitive shooters, amounting to 17.2 GB on PC, 15,64 GB on Xbox Series X/S, and only 9.12 GB on the PlayStation 5.

Relink Your Steam and Embark Accounts

If all the aforementioned methods do not solve the error, you can try unlinking your Steam and Embark accounts and relink them again. Keep in mind that doing so will make you lose all of your progress including the amount of currency you earned, all of your unlocked weapons, and even your cosmetic items. We recommend you follow this step only if you are new to the game and you have not made any in-game purchases.

Those are pretty much all the steps you can try to resolve the “TFGE0002” Error in The Finals. Additionally, you can also contact Embark Studios’ Help Center for further troubleshooting.

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