Here is the full list of advancements in Minecraft.


Full List of Advancements in Minecraft

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Advancements are a way for you to document your progress through the game.
Here is the full list of advancements in Minecraft.

Minecraft’s advancement system is designed to familiarize players with the game, giving them a series of tasks to complete. It was added to the game in 1.12, replacing the previous ‘Achievements’ system in the game. While these don’t grant players any special perks, they are a great way to track your progress in the game. Let’s look at all the full list of advancements in Minecraft and how to complete it. 

Advancements in Minecraft

There are currently five tabs to the advancement interface, each branching into its own tree. 

Minecraft: The heart and story of the game.

Adventure: adventure, exploration, and combat.

Nether: Bring summer clothes.

The End: Or the beginning?

Husbandry: The World is full of Friends and Food.

The icon frames of advancements are more rounded while challenge advancements have a sharper appearance. Advancement icons begin as light-gray but will turn dark-golden when completed.

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