Lee "Flame" Ho-jong was known for his top lane domination and earned the namesake of Flame Horizon in League of Legends.


Flame Horizon in League of Legends: What Does it Mean? Where Did It Originate?

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Some players make their mark on the League pro scene becoming synonymous with certain plays.
Flame Horizon has become part of the League of Legends lexicon since 2014.

The League of Legends competitive scene has players who have cemented their status in League lingo through some truly legendary plays. Whether it be xPeke’s backdoor on Kassadin against SK Gaming, inSec’s iconic play on Lee Sin or MadLife’s Thresh hooks, there have been several moments in the game’s competitive history where players have become synonymous with a certain play. Flame Horizon in League of Legends is another such instance. Named after the now-retired top lane substitute for DAMWON Gaming, Lee "Flame" Ho-jong. Flame Horizon refers to utter and total domination in the laning phase in a match of League of Legends.

What does Flame Horizon Mean in League of Legends?

There are a few ways to win a lane and Flame Horizon is probably the most clear cut of them all. Flame Horizon refers to having a 100 CS (Creep Score) lead over your enemy laner. A kill in League of Legends gives you approximately the same gold as 15 CS, so having a 100 CS lead translates to having over a six kill lead over your enemy in terms of KDA.

Flame Horizon was named after Lee “Flame” Ho-jong, widely considered one of the greatest top laners in the Korean scene. Flame was known for his impeccable farming skills and could perma freeze a lane for more than five minutes. Flame first achieved this feat during his time with CJ Entus Blaze playing against Xenics Storm in the HOT6iX Champions Spring 2014 event. A superior form of this is the Double Flame Horizon, which refers to a 200 CS lead over your opponent, an extremely rare feat.

LNG Esports’ Hu “Ale” Jia-Le achieved a Flame Horizon against Gen.G’s Noh “Burdol” Tae-yoon in yesterday’s Worlds Group Stage Day 7.

After Ale’s Flame Horizon against Burdol, Gen.G subbed him out in the very next game.

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