FIFA 23: How to Fix ‘No Secure Boot’ and ‘DLC assets are damaged’ Errors

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here is how to resolve&nbsp;‘No Secure Boot’ and ‘DLC assets are damaged’ errors for FIFA 23.</p></div>
Here is how to resolve&nbsp;‘No Secure Boot’ and ‘DLC assets are damaged’ errors for FIFA 23.


FIFA 23 players have been running into a number of errors for the past few days.
These issues are affecting PC and PlayStation 5 FIFA 23 players.
Here is how to resolve ‘No Secure Boot’ and ‘DLC assets are damaged’ errors for FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 players trying to play the game during the last two days are running into a variety of errors including, ‘No Secure Boot’ and ‘DLC assets are damaged’. Several of them have reported the problem to developer EA Sports and posted about it on social media. EA Sports is currently investigating these issues. Both PC and PlayStation 5 players have both reported running these errors while trying to play the game, preventing them from accessing online modes. Here is all we know about the ‘No Secure Boot’ and ‘DLC assets are damaged’ errors in FIFA 2023. 

How to fix FIFA 23  'No Secure Boot' and 'DLC assets are damaged' Errors

Windows 11 players are running into the ‘No Secure Boot’ error when attempting to launch FIFA 23 with Secure Boot turned off. The title does not display a message stating that Secure Boot is required. The DLC assets are damaged error is affecting players on all platforms, where a message could appear when launching the title stating that DLC Assets are damaged.

FIFA 23’s dedicated Twitter account for communicating with players, called FIFA Direct Communication, noted that the developers are aware of the issues and are looking into them. The developers first tweeted about the DLC issue giving players a workaround for it. Resolving ‘DLC assets are damaged’ error for FIFA 23 involves selecting and confirming the “Cancel” option on the message and then restarting the game.

For the ‘No Secure Boot’ error, EA Sports does not currently have a workaround. However, the developer is currently investigating both the issues, according to their Trello board. However, some players have been able to resolve the ‘No Secure Boot’ issue in FIFA 23 by turning it on.

This has been a bit of a rocky month for FIFA players, with devs having to investigate a number of other issues encountered in the game like disconnects occurring when attempting to matchmake for Pro Clubs players and a previous PS5 issue where players were unable to enter the main menu after connecting to EA Servers while friends list is greater than 100.

FIFA Title Update #13 

The latest FIFA 23 update seems to have caused the recent string of issues for players. The Title Update #13 is now available for the PC (EA app/Origin/Steam/Epic Games Store), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S versions of FIFA 23. It includes a number of general, audio, and visual changes including:

  • Updates to some kits, ad boards, gloves, boots, balls, star heads, and tifos.

  • Updates to UI elements in UEFA Women's Champions League matches.

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