Extracts in Escape From Tarkov: What Are They? How to Extract?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Streets of Tarkov is the new map added to Escape from Tarkov and it features over 10 extract locations.</p></div>
Streets of Tarkov is the new map added to Escape from Tarkov and it features over 10 extract locations.
Extraction or extract in Escape From Tarkov is a very important mechanic that players should be thorough with.
Here's all you need to know about extracts.

Extraction in Escape From Tarkov is a very important mechanic and is a term that you will find most players uttering ever so often. The game allows players to simply get out of a raid that they enter to keep the loot they got their hands on. If you are new to the game you should note that the most important part of any Escape From Tarkov raid is learning where to extract. You could be carrying quest items, loot from a player you just killed, or even a valuable item that you’re trying to sell on the flea market. But acquiring these items is pointless if you can’t extract out of the raid safely. 

This guide will walk you through what extracts are, where players can extract from and how to find these extract points on any map.

What are extract points in Escape from Tarkov?

When you join a raid in Escape from Tarkov, you will only have a limited time to do any of the quest objectives that you may have. You will have to survive and escape from a very specific spot in order to get out of the raid alive and back to your base before the timer runs out. These specific spots in every location in Escape from Tarkov are called extraction points or extracts. 

In simple terms, to extract out you need to head to this designated extract, and stand there for a short period of time, which is mostly around five seconds. The tricky part is finding these extract points on the map.

Since extracts are so important in Escape from Tarkov, players are forced to learn what every extract looks like, their locations, and also the layout of every map. There are different types of extracts as well. Vehicle extracts aka V-EX require you to give a certain amount of Roubles and then wait for a minute until the car leaves. Likewise, Armored Trains arrive late on in the raid and have a set time for departure and you must be on it by the time it leaves. 

Additionally, not all extracts are open all the time. Some of them are single-use only and hence if you are not the first one to get there, you will have to look for a different extraction point on the massive map. Escape from Tarkov is complex in a way that it does not notify you when an extract is open and you will have to look for cues around you.

How to find extracts?

To find out what your extract points are, you will have to double-tap the ‘O’ key and this will show you the time left in the raid and also show you a list of all available extracts. Generally, extract points will always be on the opposite side of where you spawned. However, there are some that are always open and some that can be found at the mid-way point. 

Players should also note that Scavs don't have the same escape routes as PMCs. You will have to learn all of the extracts to be able to escape with both types of characters.

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