Everything We Know About Escape From Tarkov Arena DLC

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here is all we know about the Escape From Tarkov Arena DLC.</p></div>
Here is all we know about the Escape From Tarkov Arena DLC.


Escape From Tarkov developer Battlestate Games is coming up with a session-based multiplayer FPS.
Arena will feature the mechanics of Escape From Tarkov in closed maps.

Escape From Tarkov developer Battlestate Games is coming out with a standalone game project called Escape From Tarkov (EFT) Arena. This session-based multiplayer FPS will feature the game mechanics of Escape From Tarkov but in session-based battles in arenas of the city of Tarkov. Here is all we know about the upcoming EFT Arena DLC. 

Escape From Tarkov Arena Announcement

Battlestate Games announced the project on 4th June 2022 with a trailer showing off some of the PvP gameplay.

Escape From Tarkov Arena will feature both PvP and PvE game modes, ratings, weapon and gear unlocks and unique features for owners of the main Escape from Tarkov game, like the ability to play as your main profile character. Players will take part in fights organized by a mysterious group of Arena Masters led by the Host. EFT Arenas is currently undergoing the Alpha testing phase. The Twitter account for EFT Arena posted some screenshots showing the main menu and glimpses of the maps coming to the game.

The main menu of Escape From Tarkov Arena DLC.

Arena will have ranked and unranked modes as well as a free-for-all mode called ‘Last Hero’, a team deathmatch mode called ‘Teamfight’, and a ‘Shootout Tournament’ mode. The shootout mode will feature 15 minute matches with two teams of three players each fighting it out on the four release maps called Air Pit, Equator, Bowl and Bay 5.

There are a number of modes coming to EFT Arena.

During a livestream Battlestate Games COO Nikita Buyanov spoke about the project. He said that they were “working on it”, and it would include multiplayer session-based ranked matches, closed matches, and spectator cams. Spectator cams will be added as an item in the universe of Escape From Tarkov. He also mentioned that EFT Arena would be “esports ready” upon release.

Release date for EFT Arena

As of now, Battlestate Games has not announced an official release date for Escape From Tarkov Arena. Arena will be free to download for existing EFT players.

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