Currencies in Escape From Tarkov let you buy gear from traders and the flea market in Escape From Tarkov.


Everything About Currencies in Escape From Tarkov

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There are three major currencies in Escape From Tarkov.
Tarkov maps the currencies values to their real counterparts.

There are several different types of currencies in Escape from Tarkov. These allow you to participate in trading in the flea market and buy items from various traders like the Skier and Therapist. Let’s look at the different types of currencies in Escape From Tarkov and how the prices fluctuate. 

Types of Currencies in Escape From Tarkov

There are a total of four currencies available in the game, namely Roubles (₽), Dollars ($), Euros (€) and Bitcoin (₿), with he most common one being Roubles. You’ll find all of these as loot across all maps in containers, safes, furniture like tables, shelves, wardrobes and in wallets. Traders in Tarkov also pay out in different currencies when you do quests for them. All traders except the Peacekeeper accept Roubles. 

  • Fence: Roubles

  • Jaeger:  Roubles

  • Mechanic: Roubles, Euros, Bitcoin

  • Peacekeeper: Dollars

  • Prapor: Roubles

  • Ragman: Roubles

  • Skier: Roubles, Dollars, Euros

  • Therapist: Roubles, Euros

You can also obtain these through selling offers on the Flea Market. You can get the current value of Dollars and Euros by using the estimate of the "+ Add offer" dialog on the Flea Market and adding a requirement with the currency. While the ratios between different currencies are not constant, they roughly stay the same. You can track the real time value of the currencies on websites like PlayerAuctions, however, Battlestate Games’ terms state that use of third party apps is a bannable offense so it is inadvisable to trade currencies using third party websites.

Escape from Tarkov developer Battlestate Games has linked the in-game currencies to their real life counterparts. Real world events like the Russia-Ukraine war ended up affecting the value of the Rouble in game. The Rouble has devalued leading players to list gear for dollars and euros, rather than roubles on the flea market. As pointed out by The Loadout, Battlestate games is not likely to step in to stabilize the currency. The only time the Russian developer reportedly stepped in to help was during the Bitcoin crisis.

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