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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Esportle is a daily pro player guessing game similar to Wordle and LoLDle.</p></div>
Esportle is a daily pro player guessing game similar to Wordle and LoLDle.
League of Legends players can now enjoy the crossover between hit-game Wordle and their favorite game's esports scene via web-based game called Esportle.
This article will guide you through the Esportle answers of the day.

Web-based word guessing game Wordle, created by software engineer Josh Wardle, took the world by storm and was the most talked-about game in the early part of 2022. Since its publication, numerous people on the internet spanning continents have been sharing and celebrating their every day wins within the game.

Wordle's simplicity and straightforward approach made it a super hit, allowing many people to create similar ones. League of Legends players have their own version of Wordle called the LoLdle, a spin-off game based on Wordle and Riot Games' flagship title League of Legends.

Now, with League of Legends World Championship aka Worlds 2023 happening, another game based on the esports scene of LoL has emerged: Esportle.

Esportle allows you to guess different League of Legends esports athletes each day. Here's all you need to know about Esportle.

Esportle: How to Play?

On 18th October, one Reddit user named MilfshakeXD posted, "Hello guys, since Worlds is right around the corner, I made [Esportle], a daily pro player guessing game similar to Wordle and LoLdle!"

The official description of the game reads, "A daily LoL Pro player riddle. Choose a league and guess the pro player from that region."

They added that there are five modes in which players can guess pro players from all four major regions in LoL Esports. The game also includes another game mode to guess a player who is participating at Worlds 2023.

Before explaining the rules of Esportle, here's all you need to know about the four major regions:

  • China's LPL: League of Legends Pro League

  • Korea's LCK: League of Legends Champions Korea

  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa's [EMEA] LEC: League of Legends EMEA Championship

  • North America's LCS: League of Legends Championship Series

The game modes, therefore, are as follows:

  1. LEC

  2. LCS

  3. LCK

  4. LPL

  5. Worlds 2023

Esportle modes

Rules of Esportle

Esportle allows you to guess different esports athletes each day. You have a total of five categories. Once you start guessing, you will see the boxes displaying information about the player. Aside from their name, you will be able to see their country of origin, age, team they play for, role, KDA, and DMG%.

Based on your guess, the boxes will change colors to green or red; green being correct, red being wrong. For numerical stats, the game will tell you whether the actual stat is lower or higher.

After every two guesses, you receive hints to help guess the pro player:

  • Mains: The top three most played champions (entire career) of the pro player.

  • Team: The team logo of the pro player.

  • First Letter: The first letter of the pro player's name.


Esportle Answers Today: 21st October

  • LEC: BDS Labrov

  • LCS: EG Revenge

  • LCK: DRX Fate

  • LPL: FPX QiuQiu

  • Worlds: GEN Delight

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