Escape from Tarkov ‘You've Got Mail’ Quest Explained

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The “You've got mail” quest in Escape from Tarkov is given by trader Prapor.
It is on the new Streets of Tarkov map.
Here’s a guide on how to finish it.

Battlestate Games released the 0.13 update for Escape from Tarkov on 28th December. This patch brought forth the much-awaited Streets of Tarkov map, new weapons, shooting range upgrade levels, and the start of the new wipe. All player gear and progress in the game reset, prompting players to start afresh. One of the quests in Escape from Tarkov is called “You've Got Mail” and it is given by Pavel Yegorovich Romanenko aka Prapor, a trader in the game. Notably, this quest is on the new Streets of Tarkov map. This article will guide you through the “You've got mail” quest.

You've Got Mail quest guide

The ‘You've got mail’ quest reads, “Come in, come in! I’ve got something for you to do. It’s a personal matter. I sent a letter just before all this mess started in Tarkov. And now I don’t think it’s worth it to stir it all up. Not the time. Would you look in the post office and see if my letter is still there?” This quest is issued by trader Prapor and you will find it under Tasks and Missions in the menu. 

The two objectives of the quest are as follows:

  • Obtain the registered mail on the Streets of Tarkov

  • Hand over the letter

The rewards for completing the ‘You've got mail’ quest are:

  • 4,800 XP

  • +0.02 reputation with Prapor

  • 29,470 Roubles

  • 6B47 Ratnip-BSh helmet

  • 30x 5.45x39mm BP gs ammo pack

All you need to do is go to the post office and pick up the letter from the new Streets of Tarkov map. Here’s how you do it:

  • Locate Pinewood Hotel on the Streets of Tarkov map

  • You will find a blue tram in front of the hotel on the main street

  • Opposite the tram, you will find an archway

  • When you face the arch and stand, you will notice a building to your right

  • You will notice a blue sign, leading you to a doorway with the same blue sign. Locate the second door

  • Open and get inside the building

  • Go straight and take a left

  • You will see a body and this is your first spawn location for the letter

  • The letter could be on the left or the right of the body

  • Check thoroughly on the right of the body, including the computer desk

  • The third spawn for the letter is opposite the body near the cupboard.

Once you pick up the letter from the ground, you will successfully finish the first objective of the “You've got mail” quest. Now, hand over the letter to Prapor to collect your sweet rewards.

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