Escape From Tarkov - Vitamins Part 1 Quest Guide

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Escape From Tarkov


Vitamins Part 1 in Escape From Tarkov involves moving chemical containers around on two of the game's maps.
The quest offers 13,000 XP and a bunch of other items that can be useful in the early game.
Players need to complete three chemical container deliveries to unlock part two of the quest.

Escape From Tarkov has multiple questlines you can complete for rewards which go a long way in helping you gear up and progress through the game. One of the most rewarding quests in the early game for new players is the Vitamins - Part 1 Quest by Skier. It gives you a hefty 13,000 XP and many other rewards. Here is how you can complete the quest and get all the required items.

How to complete Vitamins Part 1 in Escape From Tarkov

The objectives of the Vitamins - Part 1 quest are: 

  • Obtain the first Chemical container on Shoreline

  • Hand over the first container

  • Obtain the second Chemical container on Interchange

  • Hand over the second container

  • Obtain the third Chemical container on Interchange

  • Hand over the third container

We need to go to Shoreline and Interchange to complete the quest. The biggest issue players face when completing the quest is finding both keys. To complete the quest you need to grab the Emercom medical unit key and the health resort key in Azure Coast. 

The containers are easy to locate and you will find them in the Emercom and Mantis areas on the Interchange. Since there is no in-game map, we recommend heading to: 

Use the interactive map to locate the containers and deliver them. Interactive maps for both Shoreline and Interchange are available and you can refer to them to complete the quest.

The quest item is located in Room 112 of the West Wing of the Resort (first floor). If you enter from the hole in the wall and keep going straight, you will see another room on the left side which will have what you are looking for. 

Here are the rewards you get upon completion of the quest: 

  • 13000 XP

  • +0.05 reputation with Skier

  • 46,540 Roubles

  • 3x Holosun HS401G5 sight

  • 2x Trijicon SRS-02 reflex sight

  • -0.01 reputation with Jaeger

Completing the quest drops your reputation with Jaeger a little bit, but it will not affect anything in the grand scheme of things once you complete every quest in the game.

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